Handheld power

analyticon as part of Groupe Physitek on course for Europe

To ensure that analysis results are available exactly where they are needed without detours, analyticon instruments has been selling innovative spectrometers for mobile on-site measurements and in-process chemical analyses for 20 years.

Since mid-2019, handheld power has also been known beyond the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as analyticon is part of the French Groupe Physitek.

Our product range includes handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzers, LIBS, FTIR, near-infrared and Raman spectrometers as well as mobile mass and ion mobility spectrometers, X-ray scanners, colorimeters, radiation measurement devices and PCR analyzers. In-process spectrometers based on NIR and Raman technology complete our product range. Mobile as well as stationary spectrometers enable future-oriented solutions for many applications in different branches of industry. This applies equally to our French sister company Fondis Electronic.