Traveler with suitcase at the airport. Are there liquids, explosives or contraband inside?

Airport security

Innovative liquid scanner with ECAC certificate

For a long time, passengers have only been allowed to take containers with a maximum of 100 ml of liquid on board an aircraft for security reasons. Travelers have become accustomed to this. But what to do when medicines are urgently needed? Or baby food needs to be available? In such exceptional cases, liquids may be taken on board. Nevertheless, airport security and safety on the plane must be ensured. It must also be prevented that a passenger smuggles explosives onto the plane for a terrorist attack. Special analytical equipment with simple operation should take care of this and also ensure that there are no delays even when handling a large number of passengers. Checking liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) for explosives must be quick and easy.

What features should the device have for flight safety?

  • Simple operation
  • Little training required
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Low space requirement
  • Short measurement time

Innovative technology ensures enhanced security at airports

Devices used at airports must have a high degree of selectivity, i.e., they must show reliable results. A false alarm can cause high costs, unsettle passengers, trigger panic and do tremendous damage to the reputation of aviation and airport security.

Airport security using the INSIGHT100 liquid scanner

For several years now, the INSIGHT100 Raman spectrometer has been used as a liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) at many European and non-European airports. Containers with liquids that passengers want to take on board are checked for potential explosives with the INSIGHT100. Its high reliability of results and extremely low false alarm rate are impressive. However, complementary technology is needed to check metallic containers. Complementary technologies for counter-confirmation of the result or alarm resolution must be kept as standard for the detection of explosives.

Article: Airport-Raman-Scanner wins MacRobert Award 2014

INSIGHT200M liquid scanner also checks metallic containers

The successor model INSIGHT200M can also check liquids in metal containers, which increases safety when searching for explosives. It is also approved as an LEDS (liquid explosive detection system). Additionally, it is more efficient because it does not require different technologies to check liquids (LAG) for potential explosives. The INSIGHT200M is significantly smaller than its predecessor - a major advantage, as space in the passenger screening area is limited.

SEEKERe - The low-cost solution for airports

A less expensive method of checking liquids is the SEEKERe automated colorimeter. It is also approved as an LEDS and complies with Standard 2 Type A. Due to its size, it is quite an interesting solution for smaller airports.

Airport security certified by ECAC

All equipment used at European airports is tested according to guidelines set by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). To ensure that no explosives or unconventional explosive and incendiary devices (IEDs) get on board, many different technologies are used to x-ray baggage, detect traces and check liquids. ECAC's high standards are verified by laboratories. The INSIGHT100 as well as the INSIGHT200M and the SEEKERe are thoroughly tested and approved as LEDS by the laboratories certified for this purpose.

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