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Optimizing production processes

Monitoring quality with real-time analytics

Detailed process understanding is a cornerstone in the production of high-quality chemical and pharmaceutical products. The production process should be designed in such a way that permanent quality monitoring is possible. If a quality parameter does not meet the high expectations, countermeasures must be taken immediately. Real-time monitoring is therefore a basic prerequisite for continuous manufacturing and other quality-by-desgin approaches.

Our NIR and Raman process spectrometers allow real-time monitoring of typical processes such as mixing/homogenization, blending, drying, coating, compacting, granulation or classical chemical reaction monitoring. The spectrometers are small, stable and robust. They are suitable for use under harsh industrial conditions and are also available as ATEX versions.

The mobile Raman spectrometer TruScan RM with chemometry package TruTools is ideally suited for fast at-line process control. This allows quantitative PLS or qualitative PCA models to be created and used anywhere, e.g. on a reactor sight glass in production.

The wireless, battery-powered MicroNIR PAT-W is ideal for ensuring blend uniformity. It has a gravity sensor that analyzes the homogenization on a rotating blender fully automatically and calibration-free.

For in-line reaction monitoring in the ppm range, the in-process Raman HyperFlux PRO Plus achieves the best results. With its revolutionary High Throughput Virtual Slit technology, it collects significantly more Raman photons than conventional Raman spectrometers.