MicroNIR 1700 ES

Ultra-compact NIR Spectrometer for R&D and Education

MicroNIR 1700 ES

The MicroNIR™ 1700 ES is one of the smallest and most lightweight integrated NIR spectrometers on the market.  Nevertheless it can compete with the performance of big benchtop systems.

As power supply and data transfer are cleverly managed by USB, it is the perfect system for R&D and education. Mounted on a notebook it is the mobile solution for on-site analytics like measurements in the field or lecture halls.

The included MicroNIR Pro software already provides everything to build the most important chemometric models like principal component analysis (PCA), material libraries (SMV), and quantitative testing (PLS). No expensive third-party software has to be purchased.

The spectrometer can operate in the three modes reflexion, transflexion, and transmission, which gives the operators maximum flexibility for their spectroscopic projects.

  • Unbelievably small and lightweight (4,5 cm x 5 cm; 64 g).
  • Mobile use due to USB-managed power supply and data transfer (e.g. with a toughbook).
  • Robust, linear variable filter technology without any moving parts.
  • Tungsten lamps with > 40.000 h lamp life.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Fully featured NIR sprectrometer, works in reflexion, transmission und transflexion.
  • Suitable for most chemicals, as it covers the important spectral range of the first and the second overtone (950 nm – 1.650 nm).
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use MicroNIR Pro software including PCA, SMV, MBSD and PLS.
  • Temperature-based normalisation for reliable data at varying temperatures, e.g. in field usage.

Areas of application

  • Research and development.
  • Studies and academic lectures.
  • Field usage.

Technical details

Technology Destruction-free NIR spectroscopy
Dispersive element Linear Variable Filter
Operating modes Refexion, transmission, transflexion
Detector 128 Pixel InGaAs Photodioden Array
Weight 64 g
Size 45 mm x 45 mm x 50 mm
Illumination 2 vacuum tungsten lamps with > 40,000 h lamp life
Spectral range 950 – 1,650 nm (= 10,526 – 6,060 cm-1)
Resolution Appr. 1.25 % (FWHM)
Dynamic range 1.000 : 1 max.
Integration time Minimum 10 µs, typical 10 ms
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 1 : 23,000
Working distance 0 – 15 mm
Gehäuse IP65
Connectivity USB
Power supply USB (< 500 mA bei 5 V)
Data formats Unsb, CSV und SPC
Operating temperature - 20°C bis + 50 °C (non-condensing)
Robustness ISTA 2 A package drop test
Software 21 CFR Part 11-compliant MicroNIR Pro software for chemometric modelling, measurements, user and device management
Included accessories

Vial holder
100 x 5 ml glass vials
99% spectralon reference standard
MicroNIR PRO Software
Transport case
C-clamp for stand mounting
USB cable
data medium with Software, manual and support documents

Optional accessories

VIAVI Unscrambler X Lite
PC, notebook, toughbook or tablet with WIN 10 PRO and pre-installed software
Tripod stand
Transmission modules
Sample spinner for heterogeneous samples
Tablet holder
Calibration standards


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