Asbestos is contained in many old building materials, e.g. in Eternit panels.

microPHAZIR Asbestos

NIR controls the danger zone

The microPHAZIR Asbestos is the first near infrared (NIR) handheld analyser for a fast on-site screening and the identification of asbestos-containing materials.
With a weight of only 1.2 kg and a very easy handling, this microPHAZIR allows the analysis of many measuring points in a very short time, thus reducing lab costs.

The microPHAZIR Asbestos saves sampling and reduces lab costs.

Product highlights

  • Fast instrument instruction.
  • Just aim and start measurement with the push of a button.
  • Data storage in the instrument.
  • Robust, easy to handle and ergonomic.
  • LCD colour display with intuitive usability.
  • Lithium-ion battery with more than 5 hours of operating time.
  • No laser-related safety regulations.
  • Non-destructive and safe analysis done by light.

Areas of application

Thanks to its many versatile properties, asbestos has been used for:

  • heat protective clothing, fire protection panels, sprayed materials, paintings, floor coverings (PVC), sealants, brake pads, clutch linings,
  • asbestos-cement products (panels, pipes, corrugated sheets, plant containers, ventilation ducts), adhesives, sealants, putties, asbestos boards,
  • older electronic devices (flat-irons, toasters, electric grills, hair dryers, carbon arc lamps, thermocouples, temperature measurement resistors, high power resistors, heating resistors, high voltage fuse elements, etc.)
Technical details
Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via near infrared spectroscopy
Weight 1.25 kg
Size 250 mm x 225 mm x 100 mm
Light source Wolfram light bulb with a typical durability of > 2 years
easy to change
Calibration Measuring head for diffuse reflection with built-in automatic reference
Measurement time Application dependent, typically under 3 seconds
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
LED display The LED display on the instrument’s back shows the status (measurement / ready) and can be easily read even during measurement.
Database All results are saved internally and can be downloaded to the computer.
Data transfer Data transfer to the computer via USB. Data access with the Phazir Tools software (password protected) included in the delivery.
Security Password protection with several user levels possible.
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: 5 °C until 50 °C
Batteries Changeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery for approx. 5 hours of operating time, incl. charger and charge status display; charging time <4 hours
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof plastic carrying case
110/220 V charger
USB cable
Documentation CD
Safety hand strap
Integrated reference standard
Replacement lamp, tools
Replacement battery

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