Mobile detection of plastics with reliable handheld NIR spectrometer


Fast, on-site plastics detection brings great advantages for plastics recycling and quality assurance.

  • Ensures grade purity and control equipment
  • Detects and excludes mix-ups
  • Checks plastic type during field and service operations

The handheld microPHAZIR PC is an ideal solution when it comes to detecting plastics on-site. Its use is so easy that any worker can obtain reliable results immediately. Simply hold the spectrometer on the sample, trigger the measurement and receive the precise result on the instrument screen 2 seconds later.

More than 30 common plastic types and blends are already pre-installed, e.g. PET, PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, POM or PU. The time-consuming and expensive creation of a dedicated plastics reference library is no longer necessary. All types of typical samples can be analyzed: Granules, flakes, substitute fuels, finished parts or films. Colored and white plastics can be identified as well as transparent plastics.

The handheld spectrometer is extremely robust and designed for continuous use in harsh industrial environments. Battery operation enables hours of work away from any power supply – ideal for flexible use at recycling yards, in production or in the field. Simple data management facilitates archiving and report generation.

Mobile plastics detection – advantages of the microPHAZIR PC

  • Results output directly on the device
  • Simple, common designation of plastics
  • Measurement at the touch of a button
  • Very little training required - can be used by any employee
  • No consumables
  • Only wearing part (lamp) can be replaced by the user himself
  • Maintenance-free
  • No regulatory requirements, no occupational health and safety concerns
  • Expandable database
  • Simple and inexpensive

Typical applications

Mobile detection of plastics is beneficial at many points in the operational process:

  • Inspection of incoming deliveries
  • Screening of bales
  • Inspection prior to plant filling.
  • Quantification of granulate mixtures
  • Output and end product inspection
  • Complaint processing in the office and in the field

What makes the MicroPHAZIR PC so unique?

Handy size, low weight, robust housing, results output directly on the device, IP protection class. This is not simply a large benchtop spectrometer that has been scaled down, but rather one that has been designed from the beginning with mobile use in mind! For good reason, the microPHAZIR PC is popular worldwide and has been used thousands of times for years.

How can the microPHAZIR PC detect plastics on the move?

Near infrared (NIR) has been the accepted and most widely used method for distinguishing plastics for decades. In large sorting plants for plastic waste, this technology has been used for a long time. The microPHAZIR PC uses the same technology. The handheld NIR spectrometer is predestined for mobile analysis. The user receives valid results that are equivalent to those obtained in sorting plants.

NIR works light-based and is therefore completely non-destructive. The samples can be reused after the measurement. The light used in this measurement method is completely safe, and no special occupational safety measures are required. Compared to the usual methods, NIR is neither harmful to health (like the burning sample) nor as expensive and time-consuming as laboratory analyses. Only for black and very dark samples NIR spectroscopy is not suitable, here e.g. the FT-IR spectrometer 4300 is the suitable solution.

Plastics database

The following plastic types are already stored in the expandable calibration:

ABS, CA, EVA, PA, PB, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PETG, PEEK, PEI, PLA, PVDF, PPSU, PI, PMMA, PMP, POM, PP, PPO, PPS, PS, PSO, PTT, PUR, PVC, SAN, TPV, elastomer, ionomer, nylon-ABS blend and styrene terpolymer, polysulfone, PPSU, cellulose acetate, Rexolite PS, PEI, PEEK, PVDF.

In addition, the instrument includes a database for analyzing carpet fibers. With the method generator software, the user can import new plastics and expand the database individually.

Technical details

Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via near infrared spectroscopy
Weight 1,25 kg
Size 250 x 225 x 100 mm
Light source Wolfram light bulb with a typical durability of >2 years
easy to change
Spectral range 1600 nm - 2400 nm
Resolution 12 nm (pixels)
Resolution 8 nm (optical)
Calibration Measuring head for diffuse reflection with built-in automatic reference.
Measurement time Application dependent, typically under 3 seconds
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
LED display The LED display on the instrument’s back shows the status (measurement / ready) and can be easily read even during measurement.
Database All results are saved internally and can be downloaded to the computer.
Data transfer Data transfer to the computer via USB.
Security Password protection with several user levels possible.
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: 5° to 50° C
Batteries Changeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery for approx. 5 hours of operating time, incl. charger and charge status display, charging time 4 hours
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
110/220 V charger
USB cable
Documentation CD
Safety hand strap
Integrated reference standard
Replacement lamp
Replacement battery

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