Easy, Cost-Effective Drug Detection

Smartphone evaluates via app MobileDetect test kit.

The innovative MobileDetect system enables automated trace and bulk identification of psychoactive substances on-site. While the MobileDetect Pouch provides detection capabilities, the Mobile App supports interpretation of results.

Download MobileDetect-App:
Android-Devices or Apple iOS-Devices.

This new approach simplifies colorimetric narcotic testing.The removable swab of the pouch acquires even slightest traces of a variety of surfaces – simply wiping is sufficient. If the swab is inserted into the pouch, the proven colorimetric reagents contained trigger a color reaction. Evaluation with the specially developed app for the smartphone is simple, secure, comprehensible and it documents the results. By decoupling detection and interpretation even inexperienced users can achieve reliable results.


  • The Mobile App can be downloaded to any Android or iOS smartphone. It uses proven algorithms that have been improved over many years. Cooperation partners from aviation (TSA, ECAC), defense (IHEODTD, DSTL) and investigative authorities (FBI, DEA) were involved in the development.
  • The App also supports the user in choosing the right test kit and shows video tutorials for proper use.

Areas of application

MobileDetect is a cost-effective solution for every drug scenario.
After analysis, further information can be added to the test result, such as images of suspect material, notes, date, time, GPS position of the mission, etc. Data can exported to an unchangeable PDF-file, to document the mission and support

Suitable surfaces for sampling

  • People, hands, fingers, skin.
  • Cars, packaging, bags, luggage, containers.
  • Glasses, plastics, metals, wood, concrete, rubber, fabrics etc.

The following narcotics can be detected with MobileDetect Pouches

  • Opiates – such as Heroin, Morphine or Fentanyl.
  • Stimulants – such as Amphetamines, Cocaine or Meth.
  • Depressants – such as Barbiturates or Rohypnol.
  • Hallucinogens – such as Ecstasy, MDMA, K2 / Spice, Ketamine or Psilocybin.
  • Other drugs of concern – such as THC, synthetic cannabinoids or bath salts.
Technical details
Principle of operation Colorimetry
Size 80,29 mm x 89,29 mm x 7,86 mm
Shelf life Unlimited, recommended max. 24 months
Method of detection Automated colorimetry, detects both traces and greater quantities
Measurement time Application-dependent, max. 100 seconds
Security Password protection possible on multiple user levels
Camera with flash
Reporting Results stored on MobileDetect App with sample information: remarks, additional images, test details, timestamp, GPS location with map, PDF report, data analysis also via email, dropbox, print, save, etc.
Storage For best durability possible at room temperature
Optional accessories Water-resistant plastic case
Operating System Apple® iPod Touch or iPad Mini or Android devices with MobileDetect

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