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NIR accessories

MicroNIR spectrometer accessories

Droplet sampler

Droplet Sampler is a MicroNIR accessories for the measurement of small quantities of liquids.

Accessories for analyzing very small liquid quantities (up to 250 µl), only a few drops are sufficient. Perfect for expensive samples or small sample quantities. Suitable for viscous liquids such as oils and gels.
Compatible with 1700 ES and OnSite-W.

Flow cell

Flow cell for transflectance measurement of transparent liquids.

Flow cell for MicroNIR PAT spectrometer made of AISI 316L stainless steel for transflectance measurement of transparent liquids at integrated sapphire glass inspection window. Mounting in customer equipment per with ¼ inch Swagelok connection. Available path lengths 0.5 mm and 5 mm. Maximum pressure 5 bar, operating temperature -10 °C till 200 °C.
Compatible with MicroNIR PAT-U and MicroNIR PAT-W.

Mini probe

Probe for measurements with increased illumination. Ideal for analysis of low reflectance samples, e.g. minerals or asbestos.
Compatible with: MicroNIR 1700 ES and MicroNIR OnSite-W.

Mounting kits

Various mounting and adapter kits for the installation of the MicroNIR PAT spectrometers and the 10 cm extension probe. Available as adapters (1.5", 2.0", 2.5", 3", 4") for installations with existing accesses or as complete mounting kits with weld-in parts, such as the mounting kit for the blender lid.
Compatible with PAT-U and PAT-W.

Sample spinner

Sample Spinner

Sample stage for easy analysis of heterogeneous samples in a Petri dish. Rotation of the Petri dish at two different speeds for meaningful analyses. Also suitable for mobile field use with optional battery operation. Only compatible with the 1700 ES.


MicroNIR OnSite-W with shaker and cereal grains.

The MicroNIR Shaker optimizes the analysis of bulk materials such as powders or granules, as well as feedstuffs such as grain. The large ladle is simply and quickly placed on the NIR. Since it can be closed with a lid, multiple analysis after shaking is also possible, which provides significantly more meaningful results, especially with heterogeneous samples. Only compatible with the MicroNIR OnSite-W.

Side view holder

Attachment for easy measurement of liquids in reflection or transflection using also available glass vials.
Compatible with OnSite-W, 1700 ES and MicroNIR PAT-U.

Special side view holder

Vial holding box with temperature control function. Sample vials are tempered to 40 °C and automatically rotated in front of the spectrometer for analysis. Ideal for analysis of e.g. milk and other analytes with temperature sensitive calibration.
Also compatible with 1700 ES and MicroNIR OnSite-W.

Tablet holder

Tablet holder - Attachment for the microNIR Onsite W

Accessories for easy analysis of tablets. Also ideal for samples from the agricultural sector, e.g. individual corn kernels. Adapter for two sizes 8 mm and 16 mm. Only compatible with the MicroNIR OnSite-W.


Toughpad displays results of mobile identity verification with theMicroNIR OnSite-W.

Rugged industrial Toughpad for wireless use of the MicroNIR OnSite-W spectrometer via BLE. Ideal for mobile use in the field, warehouse or lecture hall. Only compatible with the MicroNIR OnSite-W.

Transmission module

Transmission module for MicroNIR spectrometer

For easy analysis of transparent analytes in standard test cuvettes (max. 12.5 mm), the module is connected to the appropriate MicroNIR spectrometers. It contains its own tungsten lamp and has a receptacle for optional transmission filters. Suitable test cuvettes are also available. Compatible with OnSite-W, 1700 ES and PAT-U.

Extension probe

10 cm probe extension with 2 cm diameter for mesuring with sample contact directly in the process, e. g. in the feed frame during tabletting. The extension is simply screwed onto MicroNIR PAT spectrometers and mounted in the plant via adapters (1.5" or 2").
SS316 stainless steel and FDA compliant epoxy seal. Maximum 3 bar and 130 °C. IP65 protection rating. Available in for measurement in reflection and for transflection.
Compatible with MicroNIR PAT-U, MicroNIR PAT-W.

Cooling Coil

Achieves constant temperature control of PAT spectrometers at processes > 40 °C. Achieves highest quality spectra together with temperature-based normalization of all MicroNIR spectrometers.
Compatible with MicroNIR PAT-U, MicroNIR PAT-W.

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