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Razor EX

The Razor EX is a fully mobile PCR analyser, which can be loaded on-site with sample material and delivers clear results within less than 30 minutes. Sample preparation and handling are designed so that no specialist staff is needed! During first contact, soldiers, emergency management task forces or security staff employed during sensitive major public events can immediately start analysing the threat and thus save time and lives.

  • Complete mobility thanks to its battery operation (up to 8 PCR cycles per load), compact size (25,4 x 11,4 x 19 cm), low weight (<5 kg) and stand-alone operation (no need for a PC).
  • Operation even under extreme conditions (0 – 40°C).
  • No sample preparation = no need for specialist staff. Just load the reaction chamber with the sample and you are good to go! All reagents are already included.
  • Analyser is ready for PCR in less than 5 minutes.
  • Reaction chamber is able to test for 10 pathogens at the same time.
  • Ultrafast real-time PCR enables analyses at an unprecedented speed of <30 minutes.
  • Clear Yes/No results incl. positive and negative controls.
  • Incl. software for management of data.
  • All reagents can be stored at room temperature when lyophilised, no need for cooling.
  • Test runs with test kits available.

Areas of application

You will be able to easily and quickly detect the following risk situations:

  • Bioterrorism: anthrax/splenic fever, pest, smallpox, ricin
  • Contamination of food and drinking water: listeria, salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli O157, cryptosporidium
  • Infectious diseases / pandemics: influenza and other respiratory pathogens, tularaemia, brucellosis, botulism, Q-fever/ Coxiella

Technical details

Principle of operation Polymerase-Chain-Reaction (PCR)
Weight 4,9 kg incl. battery 
Size 254 mm x 114 mm x 190 mm
Measurement time Results in less than 30 minutes
Laser Blue excitation laser (470 nm)
Detectors 2 emission detectors: TaqMan® (530 nm) and HybProbe® (690 nm) probes
Heating blocks 2 separate heating blocks for ultrafast cycles
(56 °C to 64 °C and 86 °C to 94 °C)
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Operating temperature Temperature range: 0° C to +40° C
Batteries Battery for 8 PCR cycles per load
External power supply Power supply: 24 V 4 A, 110 V or 220 V
Connectivity Bluetooth and USB
Standard accessories PC software
Barcode reader
Sampling tools (pipettes, swab, cushion, buffer, damping device)
Pouches 12 reactions per pouch incl +/- control
All reagents are freeze-dried and included in the pouch