TruDefender FT

On-site analysis of unknown chemicals

At a weight of only 1,3 kg, this is the smallest analyser of its kind. The handheld spectrometer has been developed with the purpose of analysing unknown chemicals on-site. The immediate identification allows for an instant reaction and minimises risks. Established and proven time and again as a lab method, the FT-IR spectroscopy can now be used directly on-site, where it is needed, thanks to the TruDefender FT. It has been tested according to the US military standard MIL-STD 810F for robustness.

  • The TruDefender FT delivers results in a matter of seconds – contrary to the hour or more it takes for a sampling and later lab analysis.
  • The integrated hazardous material database gives you detailed information as well as the adequate safety note and course of action, thus accelerating on-site reaction.
  • The integrated DecisionEngine software delivers clear and definite results, which do not have to be interpreted by the user, thus reducing the need for on-site scientific staff. The automatic mixture analysis considerably expands the identification possibilities without the need to subtract spectra.
  • The comprehensive substance library includes explosives, TICs/TIMs, chemical agents, drugs, “white powders”, precursor substances as well as thousands of additional chemicals.
  • The TruDefender FT can be operated with changeable lithium-ion batteries as well as with mains voltage or SureFire batteries.
  • Thanks to the intuitive, menu driven user interface, even low skilled users will receive best results after minimal training.
  • The instrument can also be operated while wearing protective clothing.
  • The TruDefender FT is a fully self-contained system; there is no need for regular maintenance or consumables.

Areas of application

At a weight of 1,3 kg, this light and completely decontaminable instrument can be

  • brought directly on-site to an unknown substance, thus considerably reducing response times;
  • used directly by the military, emergency management, fire brigades, the industry and for environmental protection;
  • used for the on-site identification of chemicals and mixtures of substances, even under harsh outdoor conditions.

Technical details

Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via FT-IR-spectroscopy
Weight 1,3 kg
Size 19,6 cm x 11,2 cm x 5,3 cm
Spectral range 4000 – 650 cm-1
Spectral resolution 4 cm-1
Collection optics Diamond ATR crystal
Measurement time Automatic, within a few seconds 
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Data transfer  
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: -20° to +40° C
Batteries Changeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery for approx. >2 hours of operating time, or SureFire batteries, incl. charger and replacement battery
External power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz – power supply unit 
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
2 power supply units
Battery charger
Replacement battery
3 SureFire batteries
SD memory card
USB card reader
Sample crusher
Sampling accessories
Documentation CD