TruScan GP

Effective identity check of raw materials

The TruScan GP is the inexpensive introduction to the handheld Raman spectroscopy for a fast identity check of raw materials.

  • Measurements are non-destructive and even possible through transparent glass or plastic packages, thus minimising risk of contamination for users and materials.
  • The measurement result provides an unambiguous fingerprint, thus enabling a selective identification of chemical substances and mixtures in a matter of seconds.


Areas of application

  • Positive material inspection
  • Inspection of incoming goods 
  • Waste disposal
  • Anti counterfeiting
  • At-line process control
  • Inspection of finished goods

Technical details

Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via Raman-spectroscopy
Weight 0,9 kg
Size 20,8 cm x 10,7 cm x 4,3 cm
Laser 785 ± 0,5 nm, laser linewidth: 2 cm-1, stability: < 0,1 cm-1 (excitation wavelength)
Laser power 250 mW ± 25 mW
Spectral range 250 - 2875 cm-1
Spectral resolution 8 – 10,5 cm-1 (FWHM) above measuring range
Collection optics NA = 0,33
18 mm working distance
0,2 to 2,5 mm dot size
Measurement time Application dependent, exposure time: automatic modes (minimum 12 ms)
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Data entry Barcode reader (2D-code standards)
Security Password protection
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: -20° C to +40° C
Power supply Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ~4 hours of operating time
External power supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Accessories (Standard): tube holder
(Optional): tablet holder, spacer for measurement of packaging material