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High-end performance in its most beautiful and compact form

The NITON XL5 is worldwide the smallest, lightest and most powerful hand-held X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. With more than double the power and the very compact detector geometry, the XL5 allows for the highest count rate at the best resolution compared to previous models. Lower detection limits as well as the shortest measurement periods for all elements affect especially the determination of light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P and S). Even alloys with very close tolerances can be differentiated quickly and reliably. The XL5 determines trace components in micro-alloyed steels as well as problematic elements during corrosion control.
The XL5’s modern cast aluminium housing not only looks futuristic, it is also extremely robust. The XL5 is at the same time the smallest and lightest system of its kind and allows for a long, fatigue-free operation – even at places that are difficult to access.
A camera located next to the detector serves to exactly position the size adjustable measured surface. A second camera integrated in the foldable display allows for photographing whole objects for documentation. Both pictures are linked with the measurement and can be shown in the analysis reports.
The combination of touch screen and real keys allows for an unrestricted use even in the rain, with gloves or greasy hands.
The modern user interface has application-specific profiles. Therefore, the user never chooses wrong settings, thus achieving optimal results.


  • Small and handy for operations even at places that are difficult to access
  • Weighs only 1,3 kg
  • Lowest detection limits, ideal for micro-alloyed steels as well as corrosion control
  • Half the measurement periods
  • 2 integrated cameras for the documentation of the measured surface and the whole object
  • Tilting display for glare-free reading
  • Real keys allow for operation in every weather condition
  • Application-specific user profiles
  • Hot swap allows for an exchange of the battery during operation

Areas of application

The XL5 high-end analyser is extremely well suited for a fast analysis of alloys during incoming goods inspection, in quality assurance and PMI and during the recycling of metals.
The device also allows for a non-destructive testing of finished products and welds as well as the analysis of metal shavings and splinters.

Typical materials:

All kinds of alloys regardless of the base metal. Excellent for the analysis of the lowest concentrations, to determine corrosion resistance or micro-alloys. Especially strong when operating with the light elements in aluminium alloys.

Technical details

Measures and weights 208 mm x 243 mm x 68 mm; 1,3 kg (with battery)
X-ray tube Ag anode 6 - 50 kV, 500 µA, 5 Watt max.
Detector SDD detector (GOLDD technology), up to 180.000 cps,
typical resolution: 150 – 180 eV depending on shaping time used
Range of analysis from Mg (12) to U (92); ultra-low light element detection
more than 30 elements, varies according to the measuring program
Special features Profiles adjusted to the matrix
Standards IP-54 splash proof
Battery Lithium-ion battery; hot swap allows for an exchange of the battery during operation, battery can be charged via USB or in the car (12 V DC)
Display Tilting, color, touch-screen display
Data Storage Over 20.000 measurements incl. spectra
(with 2 GB memory, based on 100 kB per spectrum)
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth®, WiFi
Security Password-protected user security
Data entry Via real keys as well as touch screen, editable information fields, optional Bluetooth®-barcode scanner, GPS
CCD camera 2 integrated cameras for the exact positioning via display, photographs for the documentation of measured surface and the whole object