Measure coating thickness - mobile, flexible & non-destructive

Quality assurance with handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

In many metal processing companies, spectral analysis is part of quality assurance. In addition to alloy testing in incoming goods, the method has also become established for measuring galvanic coating thicknesses, because only a uniform coating thickness also ensures efficiency and consistent quality.

Coating processes to increase corrosion and wear resistance, temperature resistance, lubricity as well as passivation in the automotive or aerospace industry require the highest control. In particular, the measurement of the coating thickness or the surface or coating weight of Cr, Ti, Zr, Mn and Si on electrolytic or hot-dip galvanized steel, on iron or aluminum.

The great advantage of XRF is that the measurements are absolutely non-destructive and independent of the size and geometry of the object. Grinding, disassembling or cutting of the sample is not necessary. This saves time, costs and allows a higher number of samples to be taken.

Mobile X-ray fluorescence analyzers can also be used to check various bath parameters. This can significantly reduce the effort of classical methods, such as titration.

Typical coating measurements

  • Measurement of galvanic surfaces such as electroplated nickel, electroplated zinc or decorative coatings (e.g. chromium) with up to three different layers.
  • Precious metal coatings such as gold plating, silver plating or rhodium plating.
  • Measurement of chemical surfaces, e.g. electroless nickel.
  • Measurement of different coating weights, e.g. pretreatment based on Si, Ti, Zr and Ti / Zr.
  • Control of anti-corrosion coatings and thin film passivations.
  • Standardless coating thickness measurement of mixed coatings (e.g. zinc-nickel or zinc-phosphate) on complex alloys.
  • On-site measurement of various bath parameters.
  • Measurement without destructive sample preparation, even for complex geometries and part size.
  • Incoming goods control in electroplating e.g. correct alloy or also control of alloy components for process optimization (e.g. Cu or Zn in aluminum alloys).

Clever solutions

Niton XL2 plus

Mobile metal analysis for recycling, incoming goods PMI


Niton XL3 SDD

Fast elemental analysis of Mg – U


FTIR 4300

Handheld FTIR spectrometer for surface analysis


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