Discovering contraband

A challenge for customs and police

To ensure that contraband remains undetected, smugglers often use highly innovative hiding places. This poses major challenges for police and customs. Conducting reliable tests without disrupting the overall movement of goods is not easy. Checks must be fast and as non-invasive as possible, because with every minute that trucks or ships are held up, carriers incur high costs. Goods or containers should not be damaged, if possible, because they are foreign property.

What is smuggled?

⦁ Drugs and narcotics of any kind.
⦁ Cigarettes
⦁ Illicit money
⦁ Weapons
⦁ Explosives
⦁ art objects, counterfeit goods, and much more.

New technology to detect hiding places

To evade customs officers, smugglers invest a lot of energy in new routes, new hiding places, and new transportation ideas. Most of the techniques to detect these hiding places are invasive and therefore of limited use. Backscatter X-ray is a technical innovation that can be used to examine objects in a completely non-destructive manner. With handheld Backscatter X-ray scanners, Customs can look through refrigeration units of containers, container walls, vehicle panels, car tires and much more. The Nighthawk-HBI and HBI-120 handheld units use backscatter (X-ray backscatter). They no longer require a separate detector panel, making them extremely fast and easy to use. Operation is performed directly on the device and the image also appears in real time directly on the X-ray scanner.

New solutions


Handheld Backscatter Imager



Discover contraband in containers



Mobiles Röntgensystem durchleuchtet verdächtige Objekte


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