Niton DXL

Non-destructive analysis of precious metals in seconds

Portable precious metal analyzer - XRF spectrometer Niton DXL

Pros analyse precious metals in detail before buying. The elegantly designed Niton DXL is the ideal analyser. This portable XRF analysis table lab delivers fast and precise analyses of precious metals instantly. Just position the piece of jewellery on the measuring window, close the lid, push the button to activate the measurement and read the result on the bright touch screen colour display. The illuminated sample chamber is equipped with lead glass, so that the customer can always see his piece of jewellery during the measurement. An integrated CCD camera records the spot size.

Gold analysis with the Niton DXL offers unique advantages

  • Very easy operation.
  • Results in seconds, much more precise than conventional acid tests.
  • Simultaneous analysis of all precious metals, as well as of the usual accompanying elements of an alloy.
  • Entirely non-destructive analysis.
  • Integrated CCD camera records the spot size.
  • Exclusive AuDIT-software.

Areas of application

Ideal analyzer for gold purchase

The Niton DXL is the perfect analyser for the purchase of old gold, for coin dealers, jewellers, jewellery dealers, pawn shops, auction houses, precious metal trading. Without destruction, it determines the alloy composition of large and small objects of value fast and precisely. The fineness of all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are determined easily and precisely. Even through typical gilding, brass, tombac or iron can be detected. Our products offer you the security you need when it comes to precious metal analysis.

Typical precious metals

  • gold and platinum jewellery
  • dental gold / dental alloys
  • small and large silverware
  • bars, coins, scrap gold
  • white gold, yellow gold, red gold
  • palladium alloys and other precious metal alloys

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