FirstDefender RM

Identification of unknown chemicals

FirstDefender RM

The new FirstDefender RM is a 785-nm-Raman handheld spectrometer that has been developed for on-site helpers, internal security, the military, enforcement officers and personnel in forensic investigations.
At a weight of only 800 g, it is the ideal instrument for toughest conditions found in the military, emergency management, fire brigades and the industry. The already excellent analysis speed of the FirstDefender has been further enhanced.

  • Up to 5 times faster on-site identification of liquid and solid hazardous materials for an even faster reaction and safety. The integrated databank of chemicals includes even more information about hazardous materials as well as safety notes.
  • The FirstDefender RM measures contact-free and without destruction, even through transparent glass or plastic packages.
  • The integrated cuvette holder also enables a measurement in the sample tube. The integrated DecisionEngine software delivers clear and definite results with no need for further interpretation. Consequently, the need for on-site scientific staff is reduced.
  • The automatic mixture analysis considerably expands the identification possibilities without the need to subtract spectra.
  • It has been tested according to the US military standard MIL-STD 810F for robustness and identifies chemicals and mixture of substances with unparalleled speed and directly on-site.
  • The comprehensive substance database contains explosives, TICs/TIMs, chemical agents, drugs, “white powders”, precursor substances as well as thousands of further chemicals.
  • Thanks to the intuitive, menu driven user interface, even low skilled users will receive best results after minimal training. The instrument can also be operated while wearing protective clothing.
  • The FirstDefender is a fully self-contained system; there is no need for regular maintenance.

The FirstDefender RM operates continuously for 4 hours either mains operated or with changeable lithium-ion batteries.

Areas of application

At a weight of only 800 g, this light and completely decontaminable instrument

  • can be applied directly by security forces;
  • is water proof and dust protected;
  • enables a non-destructive and contact-free measurement.

Technical details

Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via Raman-spectroscopy
Weight 800 g
Size 19,3 cm x 10,7 cm x 4,4 cm
Laser 785 ≤ 250 mW (adjustable)
(excitation wavelength)  
Spectral range 250 – 2875 cm-1 Raman shift
Spectral resolution 7 – 10,5 cm-1
Collection optics NA = 0,23
17mm working distance  
0,14 mm – 1,8 mm spot size  
Measurement time Application dependent
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Data transfer  
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: -20° C to +40° C
Batteries Changeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ~4 hours of operating time
External power supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
2 power supply units: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Documentation CD
3 SureFire batteries

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