Inprocess Raman spectrometer HyperFlux PRO Plus during test

HyperFlux PRO Plus

Raman Spectrometer for Lab & Process

Inprocess Raman Spectrometer HyperFlux PRO Plus

The HyperFlux PRO Plus is a reliable state-of-the-art Raman spectrometer for process analysis. Unlike other available systems, Tornado Spectral Systems' patented High Throughput Virtual Slit technology (HTVS™) allows 10 – 40 times the signal yield for more accurate and faster chemical analysis. Previously difficult or impossible PAT applications are feasible with this instrument, e.g. biopharma USP and DSP or split-second analyses down to the ppm range. Due to the high signal yield, measurements with acceptable measuring times are possible even in ATEX operation (up to zone 0). The spectrometer can be conveniently controlled in the laboratory via a notebook, but also has ModBus or OPC connectivity for smart, permanent integration into the industrial process.


  • Flexible PAT Raman for method development and process control.
  • Proven High Throughput Virtual Slit technology ensures outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and super-fast real-time measurements at particularly low detection limits.
  • Contactless and immersion probes available in numerous variants (material, dimensions)
  • Clever accessories such as flow cells and sample chambers.
  • Direct connectivity to Sartorius Ambr and BioSTAT, as well as Technobis Crystalline systems.
  • Maintenance-free system with long-life 785 nm Raman laser.
  • Easy implementation into customer process control system through ModBus and OPC connectivity.
  • Integrated prediction modules for SIMCA, SOLO and Peaxact.
  • Documents for GMP-compliant validation.
  • Also available as ATEX version for safe use in EX zone 0.
  • Optional: four- or eight-fold multiplex variant for cost savings when equipping several production lines.

Areas of application

The spectrometer allows a variety of different reaction monitoring in real time, e.g.:

  • Classical chemical reaction monitoring in real time.
  • Cell culture media monitoring for biopharma (USP and DSP)
  • Polymorphism / Crystallization
  • Distillations
  • Solvent analysis
  • ppm analysis

How does the HyperFlux PRO Plus work?

The HyperFlux PRO Plus is a Raman spectrometer. The substance to be analyzed is irradiated with a laser and the generated signal ("Raman photons") is analyzed at the detector. The Raman scattering depends on the type and structure of the analytes. Thus, molecule-specific measurements can be performed. Raman spectroscopy depends on a very good signal yield, because only one in about 1 million scattered laser photons is a usable Raman photon (more details on Raman spectroscopy here). The photon yield of conventional Raman spectrometers suffers from the fact that the incoming signals are classically truncated at an input slit, because the detectors cannot process round signals from the light guide. Losses of up to 95% are not uncommon! In contrast, the High Throughput Virtual Slit technology processes photons much more efficiently: Instead of discarding the photons that are cut away, they are superimposed on each other via a fixed mirror system in the spectrometer in such a way that almost 95% of all incoming photons arrive at the detector. Process spectrometers with HTVS™ are therefore significantly faster and deliver an unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio.

What makes the HyperFlux PRO Plus so unique?

The Hyperflux PRO Plus is the world's first Raman spectrometer with HTVS™ technology. The unprecedented signal yield leads to enormous speed and sensitivity. The instrument is very flexible to use – in the lab (notebook) or fixed in the process (OPC, ModBus). The process Raman is oriented towards the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This is proven by customized measuring probes, four- and eightfold multiplex as well as an optional ATEX rating for zone 0.

Feasibility studies & chemometric support

Process analysical technologies benefit those who use a first-class spectrometer and create reliable chemometric models.
We provide support in evaluating the feasibility of analytical issues, e.g. with trial measurements in our laboratory or at the customer's site.

For more detailed studies or complete chemometric modeling, we work with partners who are absolute experts in this field, e.g. S-PACT from Aachen or LabCognition from Cologne.

In this way, customers receive a complete package to get off to a successful start in PAT.

Technical details
Measuring method High-Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) Raman spectroscopy analysis
Size (L x B x H) 467 mm x 216 mm x 137 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
(excitation wavelength)
785 nm
Laser power 20 mW to 495 mW
Spectral range 200 cm-1 to 3300 cm-1 (Raman shift von 785 nm excitation)
Sensors Immersion & Non-Contact
Fiber optic cable length 3 meter standard – different lengths available on request
Pharma-ready: 21 CFR Part 11 and IQ / OQ-Protocols
Data management Chemometric software compatible
Datatransfer USB, Ethernet (RJ45)
Ext. power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz

Measuring probes

Numerous measuring probes exactly matched to the Tornado process spectrometers available. Customer-specific modifications possible (material, length, flange).
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Flow cell

For measuring liquids in a flow-through setting, e.g. downstream biopharma.
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OPIS35 ATEX module

Hardware module for intrinsically safe operation in EX areas up to zone 0.
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Hardware module for simultaneous operation of four of the eight channels with a HyperFlux PRO Plus.
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Software add-ins

Software add-ins make working in 24/7 operation easier. Prediction Engines, OPC/ModBus and CFR21 part 11.
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Calibration kit

Hg-Ar lamp and white light source for X- and Y-axis calibration.
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Fiber optic maintenance kit

Fiber optic microscope, cleaning kits for fiber optic ends and input ports.
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Laser Powermeter

USB-connected powermeter for determination of laser power.

Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable in various designs and lengths.

Sample chamber

For measurement of samples in test cuvettes.
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Stainless steel trolley for mobile use of the Raman spectrometer. Includes holder for laptop and measuring samples.

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