Analysis of qualities in a matter of seconds

Do you want to detect and distinguish different types of plastics and paper grades? The portable and mobile NIR-Phazir will do that for you. Even during the recycling of different types of plastics, the NIR-spectroscopy has a wide range of applications – be it the manual sorting and control of incoming goods with the waste disposal contractor, the further processing or even before receipt of goods with the customer.

Fields of application

  • Distinction of different types of plastics (massive parts, granulates, films, foams, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the quality of waste paper
  • Inspection of sorting plants

The mobile microPHAZIR provides analyses in a matter of seconds and can be used on-site.

Programs available

Plastics-ID: Distinction of approx. 30 types of plastics with an expandable calibration:

ABS, CA, EVA, PA, PB, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PETG, PEEK, PEI, PLA, PVDF, PPSU, PI, PMMA, PMP, POM, PP, PPO, PPS, PS, PSO, PTT, PUR, PVC, SAN, TPV, PEEK, PEI, PLA, PVDF, PPSU, elastomer, ionomer, nylon-ABS-blend and styrene- terpolymer