Fits into any trouser pocket – handy trace detection for explosives and drugs

Colorimeter SEEKERe for trace detection of drugs and explosives

The new SEEKERe is a small, versatile detection instrument for police, customs and military. It detects traces of explosives and narcotics directly on site. For detection, wipe cards are used that pick up the smallest amounts of a substance. The device evaluates these within a maximum of 90 seconds. SEEKERe works on the basis of colorimetry. The process has been optimized and largely automated. This means that the user does not have to handle chemicals or carry out optical color comparisons himself.

The dimensions and weight of the SEEKERe are comparable to earlier cell phones. It can easily be taken anywhere. This is particularly advantageous for disarmers, whose operational clothing already has a high dead weight.
The SEEKERe is also well suited for special operations teams and covert operations. The optionally available GPS module can track the operation site and generate reliable reports. These can be transferred to a stick as a pdf-document with or without GPS data via USB interface, making operations noticeably easier and ensuring secure data handling.

Product highlights

  • Extremely small, robust and handy.
  • One-hand operation with intuitive "joystick" control.
  • Reliable classification / assignment to the 5 explosive groups.
  • Maximum testing time 90 seconds.
  • Versatile & flexible, as it can also be used to detect narcotics.
  • Very simple operation.

SEEKERe resists even the harshest environmental conditions. The sockets on the device are waterproof, therefore it is rated comparable to IP66. Independent test reports are available for tests according to the relevant chapters of the US military standard 810G.

SEEKERe is available in 3 different model variants

  • Explosives detection only (EDK)
  • Detection of drugs only (DDK)
  • Explosives and drugs detection (MDK)

Areas of application

The SEEKERe can be used in every case imaginable involving explosives or drugs. All test results are automatically saved in the instrument, together with the swipe card’s barcode, date, time, temperature and the precise GPS-data. Consequently, these data can be safely assigned to the particular swipe card (as evidence) as well as the respective operation.

Suitable surfaces for probing

  • Persons, hands, fingers, skin.
  • Cars, packaging, bags, luggage, containers.
  • Glasses, plastics, metals, wood, cement, rubber, fabrics and many more.

Substances detected

  • Explosives: Nitroamines, nitro-aromatics, nitrate esters, inorganic nitrates, chlorates, peroxides, perchlorates.
  • Drugs: Methamphetamines, MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, synthetic cannabinoids, THC, LSD, opiates, heroine.

Detecting explosives

Trace detection is particularly important for explosives. The aim is either to detect suspicious persons on the basis of very small quantities or to identify where larger quantities of substances could be hidden. For explosives investigators and defusers, it is vital to draw conclusions about the identity of explosives from traces. The focus here is not on identification, but on early warning.

As soon as the traces have been recorded with the swipe card and the card has been inserted into the device, the evaluation starts. After a maximum of 90 seconds, SEEKERe indicates to which of the 5 explosive groups the unknown substance belongs. The possibility to assign a substance to the appropriate explosive group with only one swipe card is a great advantage. Only perchlorates require an additional swipe card. If necessary, additional, more specialized cards are available for more precise explosive classification. These can be used to achieve lower detection limits, e.g. for self-laboratory tests.

Detect narcotics

In addition to explosives, the SEEKERe MDK can also detect narcotics. This provides additional security for the emergency services. Especially in secret laboratories it can never be excluded that besides explosives also narcotics are produced and highly dangerous substances such as Fentanyle are used for this purpose.
Different wipe cards for narcotics detection

Different wipe cards are used for narcotics detection

But also here the possibility exists to identify the frequently occurring opiates first roughly with a card. The fact that the same card can also be used to identify fentanyls directly ensures greater safety in use.
Other swipe cards can detect THC, ketamine, cocaine and many other drugs. If there is a suspicion of a certain substance, it can also be tested for directly. This can directly corroborate assumptions.

SEEKERe is an extremely flexible, small, robust tool that quickly gives a reliable overview for use. Its ease of use and light weight ensure that it will be used in any application. More precise analytical methods and equipment (such as Gemini, FirstDefender RM / RMX, TruDefender FTX, or MX908) are then used for precise identification of unknown substances.

Technical details
Principle of operation Colorimetry
Weight 247 g
Size 116 mm x 67 mm x 37 mm
Display 400 x 240 pixels, full-color LCD display
Method of detection Automated colorimetry, detects both traces and greater quantities
Measurement time Application dependent, max. 100 seconds
Data storage USB, recordable CD-R, wireless and encoded. All results are saved internally with the GPS data and can be downloaded on the PC. Memory > 100.000 measurements.
Data transfer WiFi, Bluetooth, GMS/CDMA capable, GPS-capable
Security Password protection possible on multiple user levels
Transport Robust waterproof plastic case
Operating conditions Temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C, Standard: MIL-STD 810G
Power supply Integrated lithium-ion batteries
Case Dust and saltwater proof robust plastic / aluminium case. Protection class: IP X8 waterproof
Standard accessories Water-resistant plastic case, mini USB charging cable, OTG USB stick
Guarantee 1 year, additional guarantee period on request

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