Fits into any trouser pocket – mobile detector for drugs and explosives


The new SEEKERe is a mobile, automated colorimeter for a fast detection of drugs and explosives directly on-site. It automatically, quickly and easily detects even traces of suspicious substances without the need of handling chemicals or color tables. The SEEKERe is significantly smaller, lighter and more handy than its predecessor. The instrument not only features a new design, but also new functions and improvements inspired by the users: The case is now completely waterproof, making it even more robust during daily use. The GPS module calculates position data, which perfectly complement the analysis for the conclusive proof report. Additionally, the data can be transferred via Bluetooth of WiFi to recipients nearby as well as worldwide via 3G/4G. The SEEKERe is ready-to-use within 20 seconds.


Areas of application

The SEEKERe can be used in every case imaginable involving explosives or drugs. All test results are automatically saved in the instrument, together with the swipe card’s barcode, date, time, temperature and the precise GPS-data. Consequently, these data can be safely assigned to the particular swipe card (as evidence) as well as the respective operation.

Suitable surfaces for probing:

  • Persons, hands, fingers, skin
  • Cars, packaging, bags, luggage, containers
  • Glasses, plastics, metals, wood, cement, rubber, fabrics and many more

Substances detected:

  • Explosives: Nitroamines, nitro-aromatics, nitrate esters, inorganic nitrates, chlorates, peroxides, perchlorates
  • Drugs: Methamphetamines, MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, synthetic cannabinoids, THC, LSD, opiates, heroine

Technical details

Principle of operation Colorimetry
Weight 247 g
Size 116 mm x 67mm x 37 mm
Display 400 x 240 pixels, full-color LCD display
Method of detection Automated colorimetry, detects both traces and greater quantities
Measurement time Application dependent, max. 100 seconds
Data storage USB, recordable CD-R, wireless and encoded. All results are saved internally with the GPS data and can be downloaded on the PC. Memory > 100.000 measurements.
Data transfer WiFi, Bluetooth, GMS/CDMA capable, GPS-capable
Security Password protection possible on multiple user levels
Transport Robust waterproof plastic case
Operating conditions Temperature range: -20° to +50° C, Standard: MIL-STD 810G
Power supply Integrated lithium-ion batteries
Case Dust and saltwater proof robust plastic / aluminium case. Protection class: IP X8 waterproof
Standard accessories Water-resistant plastic case, mini USB charging cable, OTG USB stick
Guarantee 1 year, additional guarantee period on request


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