XL2 basic

Metal analyser with an excellent price-performance ratio

Mobile X-ray fluorescence analyzer Niton XL2 basic

The hand-held XL2 basic is extremely well suited for almost any sorting tasks during the recycling of metals. Whether sheet metals, metal shavings or wires – the spectrometer allows for a fast, easy and non-destructive analysis of the composition of alloys. The analysis area includes the 25 most important elements from Ti to Bi. The display immediately shows material description and components.
The analyser is the ideal entry-level device with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is very easy to use. Chemical expertise and background knowledge are not needed. The robust device is made for continuous use under harsh environmental conditions.

Advantages of metal analysis with the XL2 basic

  • Fast and non-destructive analysis of metals.
  • Portable, suited for a flexible use on-site.
  • Precise, reliable results.
  • Data is encrypted and cannot be manipulated later.
  • Robust, waterproof, dust-protected.
  • Cost-effective entry-level device.

Areas of application

Metal recycling and quality assurance

The XL2 basic is extremely well suited for a fast sorting of scraps during the recycling of metals. Industrial companies use the mobile spectrometer during incoming goods inspection and PMI (Positive Material Identification) in order to analyse metals in quality assurance.

Typical materials

  • V2A/V4A.
  • Chromium steels.
  • NCT
  • Duplex
  • Low-alloy steels, tool steels.
  • Nickel, cobalt base alloys.
  • Copper, brass, bronze alloys.
  • Titanium alloys.
  • Constructal

More Information

Other measuring programs cannot expand the XL2 basic.

Technical details
Measures and weights 260 mm x 280 mm x 110 mm; 1,5 kg (without battery); 1,6 kg (with battery)
X-ray tube Ag-anode 38 kV, 2 Watts max.
Detector high performance SI PIN diode
Range of analysis from Ti (22) to Bi (83)
  25 elements simultaneously
System electronics 400 MHz ARM 11CPU, 300 MHz DSP
80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing, MCA 4096 channels
64 MB internal system memory, 128 MB internal memory
Operating system Nucleus OS™from Mentor Graphics
Battery lithium-ion battery, for approx. 6-8 hours of continuous operation
Display VGA colour touch screen display
Database up to 10.000 measurements incl. spectra, CCD image optional
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth, serial (RS-232)
Safety password protection, scalable
Analysers alloy analysis, pass/fail mode
Matrix correction fundamental parameters (FP)
Data entry via screen keyboard, selection list, optional Bluetooth®-barcode scanner

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