Niton XL5 plus

High-end performance in its most beautiful and compact form

Niton XL5 plus metal analyzer

The NITON XL5 plus mobile elemental analyzer is one of the world's smallest, lightest and most powerful handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. The special combination of 5W X-ray tube and sensitive graphene detector enables highest count rates at best resolution.
Low detection limits and extremely short measuring times are particularly effective in the determination of light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S). The analyzer distinguishes even alloys with very narrow tolerances quickly and reliably.

In addition to trace components in microalloyed steels, various elements can be determined with the XL5 plus as part of corrosion prevention. In soil samples or minerals, the smallest element contents from the Mg – U measuring range can be detected.

The modern cast aluminum housing of the XL5 has a futuristic look and is extremely robust. The integrated detector protection ProGuard protects the detector from mechanical damage.

As one of the smallest and lightest X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, the XL5 plus allows long, fatigue-free work - even in hard-to-reach places. A camera integrated in the measuring head is used for exact positioning of the size-adjustable measuring spot. A second camera integrated in the folding display enables complete objects to be recorded for documentation purposes. Both images are linked to the measurement and can be displayed in the analysis reports.

The combination of touch screen and real keys allows unrestricted use of the handheld spectrometer in the rain, with gloves or oily hands. The modern user interface has application-specific profiles. Thus, the user always selects the correct settings and achieves optimal measurement results.


  • Small and handy for working even in hard-to-reach places.
  • ProGuard detector protection.
  • Weighs only 1.3 kg.
  • Extremely low detection limits.
  • Very short measuring times.
  • 2 integrated cameras for documentation of the spot and the whole object.
  • Foldable display, for glare-free reading, even overhead.
  • Real keys enable work in all weather conditions.
  • User-specific user profiles.
  • Hot-swap enables battery replacement during operation.

Areas of application

The handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Niton XL5 plus is suitable for high-end elemental analyses:

  • Fast alloy analysis.
  • Incoming goods inspection.
  • Quality assurance, non-destructive testing of end products.
  • PMI tests.
  • Metal recycling.
  • Minerals
  • Plastics
  • Archaeometric applications.

Typical materials

All alloys independent of the base metal. Ideal for analyzing lowest concentrations, determining corrosion resistance or microalloys. Particular strength with the light elements in aluminum alloys.

Technical details
Measures and weights 208 mm x 243 mm x 68 mm; 1.3 kg (with battery)
X-ray tube Ag anode 6 – 50 kV, 500 µA, 5 Watt max.
Detector SDD detector (GOLDD technology), up to 180.000 cps,
typical resolution: 150 – 180 eV depending on shaping time used
Range of analysis from Mg (12) to U (92); ultra-low light element detection
more than 30 elements, varies according to the measuring program
Special features  Profiles adjusted to the matrix
Standards IP-54 splash proof
Battery Lithium-ion battery; hot swap allows for an exchange of the battery during operation, battery can be charged via USB or in the car (12 V DC)
Display Tilting, color, touch-screen display
Data Storage Over 20.000 measurements incl. spectra
(with 2 GB memory, based on 100 kB per spectrum)
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth®, WiFi
Security Password-protected user security
Data entry Via real keys as well as touch screen, editable information fields, optional Bluetooth®-barcode scanner, GPS
CCD camera 2 integrated cameras for the exact positioning via display, photographs for the documentation of measured surface and the whole object

Portable Test Stand

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Sample Cups

3-piece sample cups made of plastic, for analysis of liquids, ground powder and soil samples.
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