NIR Spectrometer

Handheld & process spectrometers

Our novel near-infrared spectrometers work with MEMS or LVF technology. This makes NIR analyses for a wide range of applications available quickly and at almost any location.

The hand-held microPhazir instruments integrate light source, spectrometer, evaluation unit, data storage, color display and Li-ion battery at a weight of only 1.2 kg and a mains-independent operating time of approx. 10 hours. The mobile MicroNIR spectrometers are even lighter because they use a standard tablet PC for evaluation and data storage.

In any case, the application is extremely simple and does not require any special expertise: Measurements can be triggered at the push of a button. The analysis result is immediately saved and shown on the display.

Our small, built-in MicroNIR spectrometers are suitable for monitoring processes with NIR.

Fields of application

NIR analyzers are suitable for fast and non-destructive on-site material analysis, such as

  • Identity check and quality assurance of raw materials and products, e.g. incoming goods in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry – even under GMP-standards
  • Identification of polymer materials, e.g. recycling of synthetic materials and carpets or polymer processing
  • In-line and at-line process monitoring in production
  • Identification of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and other products
  • Identification of counterfeit drugs
  • Identification of asbestos containing materials and different types of asbestos
  • Quality assurance of food and feed, e.g. protein or fat content, moisture, starch etc.

How are NIR spectrometers working?


New solutions

MicroNIR OnSite-W

Fast on-site NIR analysis in chemistry and recycling


microNIR PAT-L

Integrated NIR process spectrometer


microNIR PAT-U

Integrated NIR process spectrometer


microNIR PAT-W

Control NIR process analyses via WLAN


microNIR 1700 ES

Tiny NIR spectrometer for more flexibility



Detect asbestos – in seconds & directly on site



Handheld for pharma-compliant NIR analysis



Fast NIR analyses on site