Radiation measuring device RadEye SPRD

Detection of radioactive substances & nuclide detection on site

RadEye SPRD Personal Radiation Detector

Detection and analysis of unknown radioactive sources require measuring instruments with high sensitivity. The small RadEye™ SPRD enables reliable and fast detection of radioactive substances on site. In addition, the type of nuclide can also be detected.
The RadEye™ SPRD is handy, lightweight and robust. Comfortably worn in a belt pouch made of durable nylon fabric, it protects against radioactive hazards all day long. Exceeded limits are reported visually, audibly and as a vibration alarm.
Due to its compact design and long battery life, the device is an indispensable universal instrument in radiation protection. The possibility of rapid nuclide identification supports the decision-making process for proper disposal. The patented NBR method allows differentiation between NORM material (uranium/thorium series in natural equilibrium) and artificial isotopes.
The handling can be reduced to a few operating steps by adjustable user profiles (software, accessories) and is already known to many users due to the high degree of distribution of the RadEye instrument family. The devices thus enable error-free use with little training effort.


  • Single-calibrated nuclide library with the most common isotopes from the fields of: Medicine, industry, research and nuclear engineering
  • Identification of the radionuclide in case of emitter findings
  • Small, lightweight, easy to use
  • Recording and storage of up to 200 nuclide spectra
  • Non-volatile measurement and spectrum memory
  • Up to 170 hours of operation (AAA micro batteries/rechargeable batteries)
  • Serial data interface in each instrument
  • Menu functions can be hidden by the user
  • MS-Windows configuration program

Areas of application

The areas of application are diverse. Fire department and German THW task forces use the device, as do customs and police.
The device is also ideal for legally required material testing in the steel industry and recycling industry.

Technical details

Detektortyp CsI(Tl)-Detektor
Dosisleistungsanzeige 0,01 μSv/h bis 250 μSv/h
Energiebereich 40 keV bis 3 MeV
Messeinheiten cps, cpm, Sv/h, einstellbar
Overload Getestet bis 10 Sv/h
Schutzklasse IP 65
Spannungsversorgung 2 x Alkali-Mangan Batterien oder NiMH Akkus, Typ AAA
Batteriestandzeit etwa 170 h bei Alkali-Mangan Batterien
Abmessungen 104 mm x 67 mm x 41 mm, mit Gummischutz
Gewicht 190 g
Anzahl Kanäle 1024


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