Insight 200M stationary Raman spectrometer at the airport.


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Stationary Raman spectrometer, liquid scanner Insight 200 M

The inspection of liquids at airports or other critical infrastructure points contributes to greater security.

INSIGHT devices are among the most powerful solutions for the detection of liquid explosives (LEDS Liquid Explosives Detection Systems). In Europe, Asia and Australia alone, several hundred devices are in use.

The INSIGHT200M is the latest device in the series. This further development of the proven INSIGHT100 requires less space and can scan all container types that are classically filled with liquids. Even metal containers can be evaluated. The INSIGHT200M has the highest performance and lowest false alarm rate of any device tested by ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) in 2015.

The inspection of liquids at airports or other critical infrastructure points can be carried out even faster and safer with this device.

The INSIGHT200M works with the special form of Raman spectroscopy (SORS), which has already proven itself in the pharmaceutical sector. This highly selective, optical analysis method does not require direct contact with the substance under investigation. It is ideally suited for detecting explosives, precursors and other hazardous substances, in particular flammable and toxic chemicals.

Advantages for checkpoints

  • Extremely low false alarm rate.
  • < 1% for non-metallic containers.
  • ~ 0.02% for water containers only (72 different container types tested).
  • ~ 1.5% for all container types incl. metal containers.
  • Significantly lower personnel costs.
  • Higher passenger or visitor satisfaction.
  • Measuring time only 5 seconds.
  • Suitable for all container types incl. colored glass, plastic bottles and jugs, paper and cardboard containers, metal cans, spray cans and aluminum containers.
  • Easy to use, so minimal user training required.
  • Very rugged construction; proven 99.8% uptime.
  • Particularly easy recognition of alarms due to color display.
  • Clear identification of the substance triggering the alarm.
  • Reliable estimation of the next operational steps.
  • ECAC certified LED type B standard 3 device.

Areas of application

  • Checkpoints at airports and critical infrastructure points - fast analysis for high throughput (Ø measurement time: 5 seconds).
  • Identification of liquids in closed containers.
  • Control of potential hazardous substances; especially explosives and their precursors.
Technical details
Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis with SORS (Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy)
Weight 25 kg
Size 562 mm x 417 mm x 536 mm
Laser class 1
False alarm rate typical < 1.5 %
Container and container size

Glass: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Plastic: opaque, coloured, clear, frosted
Metal: Tetrapaks, tubes, spray cans, metal cans etc.
< 100 ml up to 3 litres level

States of aggregation Liquids, gels, aerosols and solids
Measurement time automatic 5 seconds
Display Easy-to-read colour LCD display
Security Password protection
Operating temperature Temperature range: +10° C to +40° C
Humidity 0 % - 95 % non-condensing
External power supply 90 - 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz
More Information

Analysis device in use in the area of personnel control:

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