Policeman has identified cocaine with the TruNarc and shows result screen.


TruNarc mobile Raman spectrometer for the identification of narcotics.

TruNarc’s analyses are based on the Raman-spectroscopy, a highly selective method with an outstanding suitability for the identification of chemicals. As an optical method of analysis, it does not need to be in direct contact to the substance analysed. A Raman instrument sends the light of a single wavelength through the transparent wall of the sample container and receives the light irradiated from the substance.

  • This signal is – similar to a fingerprint – characteristic for the content of the container, since the measuring point lies in the container.
  • Then, the signal can be checked against a pre-defined list of hazards or a comprehensive chemical library found on the instrument.
  • The TruNarc has been specifically developed for for fast drug screening.
  • It safely identifies drugs, precursors as well as cutting agents, but can be expanded anytime by the manufacturer to include further hazardous materials. This is a significant advantage that enables a flexible reaction to new drugs, considering the fact that this market develops at a breakneck speed. The instrument is light and very easy to handle.
  • The TruNarc measures through the transparent wall of glass or plastic containers. It does not need to be in direct contact to the substance and makes use of special software algorithms to answer the question: “What is this?”
  • The TruNarc offers one analysis for all drugs, it even detects heroin, thus not having to decide on-site anymore which colour test could be the right one for the substance in question.

Areas of application

  • be employed by customs, the police, on the street to quickly and directly identify if a substance is dubious;
  • measure with no contact through closed, clear, transparent containers and plastic containers: No need to open them. No danger for task forces and the environment and no loss of evidence;
  • create a detailed documentation with the measurement results, which helps writing reliable operation reports and collecting proof;
  • measure without destruction, so that the evidence stays fully preserved;
  • identify dozens of drugs with only one test;
  • deliver clear results with no need for further interpretation.
Technical details
Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via Raman-spectroscopy
Weight 570 g
Size 163 mm x 104 mm x 51 mm
Measurement time Mostly under one minute
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Database In the instrument
Data transfer microUSB
Operating temperature Temperature range: -10° C to +50° C
Batteries Integrated battery, 3,7 V for >10 hours of operating time
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
Power supply units 230 V
USB cable
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