Policeman has identified cocaine with the TruNarc and shows result screen.

TruNarc mobile Raman spectrometer

Identifies narcotics, blending agents and precursors in use

TruNarc mobile Raman spectrometer for the identification of narcotics.

The fight against drugs is one of the biggest challenges for police and customs. Drug investigators have to assess substances on a daily basis in order to initiate appropriate actions as quickly as possible. The small, handy TruNarc is an ideal tool for quick, safe assessment.
The TruNarc can identify narcotics in liquid, paste or solid form directly on site. In the case of prohibited substances, it displays the name of the identified substance on a red screen. The display is orange for suspicious substances and green for completely harmless substances. This enables a quick initial evaluation based on the color of the screen.

How it works

The TruNarc analyses are based on Raman spectroscopy, a highly selective method with excellent suitability for identifying chemicals. As an optical analysis method, Raman spectroscopy does not require direct contact with the substance being analyzed. A Raman device emits light of a single wavelength through the translucent vessel wall and receives the light scattered back from the substance. This signal is characteristic of the contents - similar to a fingerprint - as the measuring point is inside the vessel. The signal from the vessel contents is then compared with a predefined hazard list or a complete chemical library on the device.

Product Highlights

  • Developed for rapid drug screening.
  • Small lightweight and easy to use.
  • Detects more than 500 drugs, precursors and blends. The database can be expanded and adapted to new drugs by the manufacturer.
  • Eliminates the difficulty of deciding on the spot which color test might be appropriate for this substance.
  • The device creates detailed documentation of the measurement results. This helps to produce reliable reports on use and evidence.
  • Measures non-destructively. This means that the evidence is completely preserved.
  • Measures contactlessly through sealed, clear, transparent vessels and plastic containers: no need to open. No risk to emergency services or the environment.
  • The clear results. No further interpretation required.

Areas of application

  • Police checkpoints, customs inspections
    The Trunarc can be used by customs and police on the street to directly detect whether a substance of concern is involved.
Technical details
Principle of operation Non-destructive analysis via Raman-spectroscopy
Weight 570 g
Size 163 mm x 104 mm x 51 mm
Measurement time Mostly under one minute
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Database In the instrument
Data transfer microUSB
Operating temperature Temperature range: -10° C to +50° C
Batteries Integrated battery, 3,7 V for >10 hours of operating time
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
Power supply units 230 V
USB cable
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