Portable XRF analyzers screens rock and soils for toxic elements.

Soil screening

Localize anomalies professionally with mobile XRF

Chemical analyses of toxic elements in soils are tedious and expensive. Portable XL3-analysers enable fast on-site screening with precise results in order to specifically localise the contaminated area. In combination with a Bluetooth-GPS-module, the portable NITON XL3 is able to connect the measurement data directly with the geographic position.


  • Cost savings
  • Well-considered decisions
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Increased safety
  • Perform fast analyses of large areas and examinations in a small mesh, dynamic grid
  • Easily map the mining area and the contaminated area via GIS-reference through GPS data
  • Identify and localise hotspots and trends
  • Specifically select samples for the chemical analysis
  • Find geochemical anomalies (with the XL3 air)

Application examples

  • Measurement of the phosphate distribution in a Bronze Age settlement in Lossow/Oder (Link)
  • Chemical-mineralogical examination of the geoglyph of NASCA in Peru

Clever solutions

FTIR 4300

Handheld FTIR spectrometer for surface analysis


Niton XL2 plus

Mobile metal analysis for recycling, incoming goods PMI


Niton XL3 SDD

Fast elemental analysis of Mg – U


Niton XL5

Mobile PMI analysis with lowest detection limits


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