Professional soil screening

Chemical analyses of toxic elements in soils are tedious and expensive. Portable XL3-analysers enable fast on-site screening with precise results in order to specifically localise the contaminated area. In combination with a Bluetooth-GPS-module, the portable NITON XL3 is able to connect the measurement data directly with the geographic position. This enables you to

  • perform fast analyses of large areas and examinations in a small mesh, dynamic grid;
  • easily map the mining area and the contaminated area via GIS-reference through GPS data;
  • identify and localise hotspots and trends;
  • specifically select samples for the chemical analysis;
  • find geochemical anomalies (with the XL3 air).

Unmatched advantages

Our portable analysers give you unmatched advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Well-considered decisions
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Increased safety

Application examples

  • Measurement of the phosphate distribution in a Bronze Age settlement in Lossow/Oder (Link)
  • Chemical-mineralogical examination of the geoglyph of NASCA in Peru (Link to the book)