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With cobra professional, reporting and processing of analytical measurement data is even more convenient than with the basic version.


Using user-defined rules cobra can do repetitive tasks automatically. Automatization create lean processes and significant time savings. For example, reports can be created and saved as pdf as soon as a new measurement has been downloaded from the analyser, no user action required. The pdf files are stored at the location specified by the automation rule. In combination with a barcode reader metadata can be associated with the analysis and displayed in the report.

Using automated exports data can easily be integrated into existing ERP systems. The only requirement is an import function in the target system.

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Extended configurability

Cobra professional offers even more configuration options for reports and exports. Add new data fields to measurements to add additional information. Assign multiple images of the sample (overview, detail view). Do you have more than one analyser? Name the instruments to assign persons, locations or tasks (e.g. incoming goods, workshop, laboratory, …). Create specific reports faster using Drag & Drop.

cobra professional functions

  • All cobra basic functions included.
  • Powerful rule-based automation of report creation.
  • Automatic rule-based data export.
  • Customizable file names for automatically created files.
  • Includes data from the analysis (e.g. data entries, material, …) in the file name.
  • Add new data fields.
  • Personalise the export using templates.
  • Add multiple images to a measurement.
  • Custom names for analysers.
  • Create reports by Drag & Drop.

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Supported analysers
System requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10 operating system
  • 100 MB free hard drive space for the installation (data storage excluded)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Dual core CPU

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