PMI in incoming goods ➾ Metal analysis with mobile XRF spectrometer

Positive identification of materials

Materials testing – important part of quality assurance

Analysis of alloys, positive material inspection/PMI-tests and traceability are crucial when it comes to metallurgy, semi-finished goods, products or distribution. Mixing up materials can lead to considerable economic damages, harm a company’s reputation and in the worst case, even cost lives. With today’s focus on comprehensive quality management, ISO-standards and the need for a 100% definite analysis, quality control and material inspection are getting more and more demanding. Our analysers smartly help you manage these tasks.

Standard alloys

The analysers of the XL3t-series are non-destructive. Up to 30 typical elements can be analysed in ten thousand alloys:

  • Cr-steels, stainless steels
  • Chrome molybdenum steels
  • Low alloy steels
  • Tool steels
  • Nickel- / cobalt based alloys
  • Copper-/ brass-/ bronze alloys
  • Titanium alloys, aluminium alloys
  • Tramp elements P, Cu, Nb, Sn, Pb (100-300 ppm) with the XL3-Air+

“Light” elements

  • The XL3-Air+ analyses the “light” elements without the need for a helium flush or vacuum:
  • Mg and Si in aluminium alloys
  • Al and Si in copper alloys
  • Zecor-SS-alloys with 5-6% silicon
  • Monel steels (e.g. Al in Monel 500)
  • Phosphorus in copper alloys
  • Distinction of 1.4310 possible (difference 1% Al)
  • Distinction of 1.4301 and 1.4305 possible (difference 0,1 – 0,3% S)

XL3-Hybrid+ for an ultimate performance

With a helium flush, the XL3-Hybrid+ achieves lowest limits of detection for Mg, Al, Si, P, S. This enables analyses, which up until now were only possible with a spark spectrometer – without destruction or focal spots:

  • Distinction of pure aluminium and Al Mg 0,3

Fields of application

  • Analysis of alloys
  • Positive material inspection
  • PMI-tests
  • Differentiation of materials
  • Quality assurance

Clever solutions

Niton XL2 basic

Handheld metal analysis fast and cost-effective


Niton XL2 plus

Mobile metal analysis for recycling, incoming goods PMI


Niton Apollo

Determine hardenability and weldability on the go


Niton XL5

Mobile PMI analysis with lowest detection limits


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