Versatile handheld XRF spectrometer with light element analysis

Mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer XL3 air

The XL3 SDD mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer measures the light elements Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl quickly and easily under air. It uses a particularly high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) with a large area. Excitation, signal processing and instrument geometry are optimized for this GOLDD (Geometrically Optimized Large Area Drift Detector) technology. This greatly simplifies the detection of the light elements Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl. The foldable display allows ergonomic handling and comfortable reading under changing light conditions.

Compared to Si PIN diodes, SDD detectors achieve

  • Improvement of counting rate by factor 10.
  • Enhancement of precision by factor 3.
  • With the XL3 SDD model, the critical elements Mg, Al, Si, P, S are already measurable under air (without helium and vacuum).
  • Distinction between pure aluminium and Al, Mg.
  • Phosphorus in bronze.
  • Even better detection of the elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl) in archaeometry.

Areas of application

Typical applications

  • Mg, Si in aluminium alloys.
  • Al in titanium and zinc alloys.
  • Al and Si in bronze and magnesium alloys.
  • P in bronze.
  • Super alloys and special steels.
  • Al in Monel K500 and Si in Nitronic 60.
  • Si and P in cast iron.
  • Si in transformer steel, detection of phosphatings.
  • Mg, Al, Si, P in mineral compounds, colour pigments, ceramics, clay, glass.
Technical details
Weights and measures 256 mm x 275 mm x 100 mm; 1,5 kg (without battery)
X-ray tube Ag-anode (standard) 50 kV, 40 µA, 2 Watt max.
Detector SDD detector (GOLDD technology)
Range of analysis from MG (12) to U (92)
more than 25 elements, varies depending on measuring program
System electronics 533 MHz ARM 11CPU, 300 MHz DSP
80 MHz ASICS DSP, MCA 4096 channels
32 MB internal system memory, 128 MB internal random-access memory
Operating system Nucleus OS™ from Mentor Graphics
Battery Lithium-ion battery, for approx. 6-8 hours of continuous operation
Display Folding VGA colour touch screen display
Database up to 10.000 measurements incl. spectra, CCD image optional
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth, serial (RS-232)
Security Password protection, scalable
Analysers Alloy analysis, electronics, precious metals alloys, dental alloys, plastics, consumer goods, environmental, soil and mineral analysis, dusts on filters, Signatur Match, SuperChem™-mode and layer thickness analysis, empirical calibration, empirical calibration in combination with FP
Matrix correction Compton normalisation (CN), fundamental parameters (FP)

Display mode Boundary-value analysis (Pass / Fail / Inconclusive)
Traffic light display
Data entry Touch-screen
Info input list writable by user
Optional: Bluetooth bar code reader

Barcode Scanner (Ecco +)

Barcode scanner transmits barcode information via Bluetooth to the analyzer Different models available e.g. ECCO+
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cobra data collector

Timesaving software solution for creating analyzer reports, data administration and data management.
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Sample chambers

Different models available. e.g. transportable sample chamber.
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Backscatter shield

Protects against stray radiation during mobile readings on light sample matrices, such as aluminum, plastic, wood, etc.
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Sample Cups

3-piece sample cups made of plastic, for testing liquids, ground catalyst, powder and soil samples.
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Weld-on adapter

Rugged slip-on adapter for testing thin weld seams and fillet welds.
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Zebra Printer

Bluetooth-enabled, mobile thermal printer can be carried on a belt.
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Factory calibration

Measured value verification using nationally traceable standards with the octopus X1 automatic calibration machine, taking into account the specifications for monitoring measuring equipment for certified companies (e.g. according to DIN ISO 9001). No customer-specific standards necessary. Issue of a "factory calibration certificate" for documentation.

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