X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer IonicX

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer identifies ion salts in 120 seconds

Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer IonicX with test stand

The new compact XRF spectrometer IonicX for the first time allows simple and fast ID testing of pure ionic salts. This wasn’t possible with the technologies available as handhelds so far (NIR, Raman, FT-IR). Instead of time-consuming analytic procedures in the off-site laboratory, results are now instantly available on-site, e.g. in the warehouse. Just transfer a sample into the accessory sample cup, run a measurement, and read the result on the device’s screen. That’s it! This mobile on-site procedure remarkably accelerates the ID testing.


  • Mobile system for usage in the warehouse.
  • Analysis in two minutes.
  • Analyzes most typical salts, e.g. NaCl, KCl, ZnO and MgCl2.
  • Easy-to-read PASS/FAIL results on the device.
  • Minimal footprint compared to benchtop -systems.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Areas of application

  • Identity testing of incoming goods in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Checking for false batches.
  • Control of production intermediates.
Technical details
Weights and measures
(with test stand)
305 mm x 305 mm x 203 mm;
2.6 kg (with battery)
X-ray tube Ag-anode 6 kV – 50 kV, 0 μA – 500 μA, 5 Watt max.
Detector Large Area Drift Detektor
Spot size 8 mm
System’s electronic 16 GB internal system memory
512 MB internal RAM
Battery 12 V lithium-ion battery with hot swap function
Data transfer USB, Wi-Fi
Cameras Macro camera for general view
Micro camera for spot view
Data safety 21 CFR Part 11
Data input Handheld with touchscreen or remote via notebook
Editable info fields, optional Bluetooth barcode reader
Ingress Protection IP54
Operating temperature 0 °C – 50 °C
Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tewksbury, MA, USA

Barcode Scanner (Ecco +)

Barcode scanner transmits barcode information via Bluetooth to the analyzer Different models available e.g. ECCO+
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