Mobile mass spectrometer MX908 for trace analysis of toxic C warfare agents, liquid explosives, fentanyles.

Mass Spectrometer

Detection of unknown chemicals and warfare agents

Previously reserved for the laboratory, mass spectrometry is now possible for the first time with rugged battery-powered handheld instruments. They already detect traces of hazardous substances directly on site.

  • Patented microscaled ion trap technology enables operation without the need for extreme vacuum or additional gas supply.
  • Detection of hazardous chemicals from explosives to narcotics and chemical warfare agents to general hazardous materials (TIC: toxic industrial chemicals, TIM: toxic industrial materials) and basic chemical substances.
  • The high selectivity of mass spectroscopy makes it possible to detect even trace amounts of critical threats amidst the multitude of interfering substances that other, less selective technologies have to contend with.
  • Even at very high concentrations, rapid follow up measurements are possible (rapid clear down time).

All devices are designed for outdoor use and are insensitive to environmental influences.

How are Mass spectrometers working?

Mass spectrometry Technologie

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Mobile mass spectrometer: Fast, sensitive, selective