Viken Nighthawk HBI


Mobile X-ray scanner – Views through 4 mm thick steel

Backscatter Imager for checkpoints, non-contact customs inspections and police controls.
Nighthawk-HBI scans bags, vehicles, containers - detects weapons, drugs, contraband

Nighthawk HBI models are rugged, ergonomically designed mobile X-ray scanners. They can be used to quickly, risk-free and efficiently inspect abandoned luggage, suspect vehicles, suspicious shipments of goods and more to detect hidden contraband, drug packages, explosives or weapons. The handheld Nighthawk-HBI models are easy to use and a reliable partner in customs and border and vehicle inspections.

With their optimized 120 keV/5 W or 140 keV/7 W X-ray tube, Nighthawk-HBI models will screen most materials. Even 4 mm thick steel sheet can be penetrated. By comparison, modern car body walls are only 1 – 2 mm thick. When the X-ray scanner is moved slowly and without contact over the object to be inspected, a 2-dimensional image is generated in real time on the high-resolution color display. The housing is extremely robust and protected against dust and splash water. A built-in camera with flash light allows the examination to be recorded. Via WIFI or Bluetooth the images can be downloaded.

Integrated display – innovative application

Detector, screen and user interface are integrated into the device. This enables images to be taken in places where a regular X-ray unit cannot be used, such as from a bird's eye view, on walls, doors, mounted car tires, on the glove compartment, etc. Use in corners and close to the floor is also possible.

Fields of application

Nighthawk-HBI models are suitable for the inspection of luggage, consignments of goods, barrels, vehicles etc. in order to detect contraband, weapons, drugs or explosives.

  • Customs inspections
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Police checks
Technical details
Size 290 mm x 280 mm x 190 mm with WAD
Weight 4,4 kg (incl. battery)
X-ray generator 140 keV / 7 W, with X-ray optics
Measuring principle Backscatter imaging
(backscatter x-ray imaging)
Imaging contactless in real time
Imaging speed max. 15 cm per second for optimal image results
Display Transflective color touchscreen LCD (720 x 1,280 pixels)
Imaging functions Image stitching
Automated and manual histogram expansion
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
~ 4 h continuous operation
Data memor > 10,000 images
Data management Heuresis Data Management Software (HDMS)
Data transfer WiFi- and USB connectivity
Operating conditions Temperature range: -20 °C bis +60 °C
Housing IP 54 Dust- and splash-proof plastic case
Transport Waterproof, lockable plastic case with wheels
Accessories Reserve battery, carrying strap, power supply charger (120 V – 220 V)

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