Raman accessories

Accessories for HyperFlux PRO Plus

Measuring probes

The HyperFlux can be operated with a variety of commercially available probes, such as immersion probes from Marqmetrix or contactless probes from Hellma. For many applications, the Hudson probe developed by Tornado specifically for the HyperFlux PRO Plus is the ideal solution. Flexible optical attachments for short (8 mm) or long (25 mm) focus length, as well as Large Spot optics for moving powder beds.
Suitable for the HyperFlux PRO Plus process Raman spectrometer.


Hardware module for the use of four or eight measuring channels, is simply coupled with the spectrometer. Serial operation for full performance. Compatible with OPIS35 ATEX module as well as BioPAT Spectro from Sartorius. Suitable for the HyperFlux PRO Plus process Raman spectrometer.

OPIS35 ATEX Module

Hardware module for intrinsically safe operation in EX areas up to zone 0 by locking the laser power at < 35 mW. The OPIS35 ATEX Module is easily coupled with existing HyperFlux PRO Plus. Neither break detection nor level sensor required. Certification according to Ex II (1) G [Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga].
Compatible with multiplexed versions of the HyperFlux PRO Plus process Raman spectrometer.

Laser safety glasses

Lightweight plastic glasses with flexible temples and very good color vision for our Raman instruments. Laser safety filter P1F01 with maximum protection level (OD7+ at 785 nm). The laser safety goggles can be worn as over-glasses. It has a daylight transmission of approx. 35 %, color: magenta.
Suitable for TruScan GP/RM, FirstDefender RM/RMX, Gemini, TruNarc, HyperFlux PRO Plus.

Accessories for TruScan RM & TruScan GP

Tablet holder

Quick clamp for the fixation and safe measurement of tablets. With the tablet holder, even small tablets are always optimally positioned.

Vial holder

older for easy analysis of samples in glass vials. With the vial holder, vials are always optimally positioned. Ideal for longer measurements, e. g. when recording new reference spectra. Matching glass vials with reduced fluorescence are also available. The vial holder can also be used for quick, easy measurement of liquids in plastic Pasteur pipettes. Compatible with TruScan RM and TruScan GP.

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