Raman accessories

Accessories for the SuperFlux, HyperFlux PRO Plus & Process Guardian

Measuring probes

Numerous probes perfectly matched to the spectrometers are available for the Superflux, HyperFlux PRO Plus and Process Guardian process Raman spectrometers. These probes are available in three variants:
1) Immersion probe
Many selectable materials, dimensions and flanges are available for immersion probes.

Contactless probe

Contactless probe
2) Contactless probe
This probe has interchangeable optical attachments that can be changed by the user. The attachments are available for short (8 mm), long (25 mm) and very long (up to 500 mm) focus lengths.

Flow cells

Flow cell

3) Flow cells
It is suitable for the measurement of smallest sample flows, e.g. in the field of biopharma DSP. Available with 4 ml or 350 µl glass tubes or with autoclavable 5 µl or 45 µl SCHOTT flow cell.

System probes

4) System probes
Probes specially adapted for use with equipment from Technobis and Blazemetrics (crystal analyses, polymorphism), as well as Sartorius Biopharma (Ambr and BioSTAT).

OPIS35 ATEX module

OPIS35 ATEX module

Hardware module for intrinsically safe operation in EX areas up to zone 0 by locking the laser power at < 35 mW. The OPIS35 ATEX module is simply coupled with existing HyperFlux PRO Plus or Process Guardian. Certification according to Ex II (1) G [Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga].
Can be combined with multiplexer.



Hardware module for the use of four or eight channels, simply coupled to the spectrometer. Serial operation for full 495 mW power.  Can be combined with ATEX module. Suitable for the HyperFlux PRO Plus and Process Guardian. The Process Guardian multiplexer has a channel-specific interlock.

Software add-ins

Software add-ins facilitate the work in 24/7 operation.

1) Prediction engines
Prediction engines enable real-time evaluation without the need for third-party software used to create the model. Available for PEAXACT, SOLO, SIMCA and PANORAMA.

2) OPC-UA and Modbus/TCP
These open interface standard is independent of system provider, programming language and operating system. They allow smart integration of the spectrometers into the customer's process control system.

3) CFR21part 11 add-in
This add-in ensures safe use in the regulated pharmaceutical environment.

Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cables in various designs and lengths.

Calibration kit

Calibration kit

Hg-Ar lamp as well as white light source for X- and Y-axis calibration.

Fiber optic maintenance kit

Fibre optic maintenance kit

Fiber optic microscope, cleaning kits for fiber optic ends and input ports.

Sample chamber

Sample chamber for measuring samples in sample vessels (e.g. vials, Schott glass jars, etc.). Darkened chamber with sample table, adjustable in three dimensions. Flexible magnetic holders for fixing different vessel sizes.


Stainless steel trolley for mobile use of the Raman spectrometer. Includes holder for laptop and measuring samples.

Laser safety glasses

Lightweight plastic glasses with flexible temples and very good color vision for our Raman instruments. Laser safety filter P1F01 with maximum protection level (OD7+ at 785 nm). The laser safety goggles can be worn as over-glasses. It has a daylight transmission of approx. 35 %, color: magenta.
Suitable for TruScan GP/RM, FirstDefender RM/RMX, Gemini, TruNarc, HyperFlux PRO Plus, Process Guardian, SuperFlux.

Accessories for TruScan RM & TruScan GP

Tablet holder

Quick clamp for the fixation and safe measurement of tablets. With the tablet holder, even small tablets are always optimally positioned.

Vial holder

Holder for easy analysis of samples in glass vials. With the vial holder, vials are always optimally positioned. Ideal for longer measurements, e. g. when recording new reference spectra. Matching glass vials with reduced fluorescence are also available. The vial holder can also be used for quick, easy measurement of liquids in plastic Pasteur pipettes. Compatible with TruScan RM and TruScan GP.

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