Radiation protection made easy

Radiation protection for devices with X-ray tubes

XRF spectrometers of the Niton brand operate with an X-ray tube. They are subject to approval in accordance with § 12 Para. 1 No. 4 of the Radiation Protection Act. Therefore, you may not use the device until your company has a valid permit. The handling of the approval procedure is a matter of the German federal states and is therefore regulated differently in each federal state. In order to obtain the permit, you must appoint a competent radiation protection officer in any case.

Partner for radiation protection and licensing procedures

Our partner company Servantech GmbH specializes in the provision of specialist knowledge on all aspects of radiation protection. Servantech's radiation protection courses focus on instrument-specific radiation protection of X-ray fluorescence analyzers. Servantech can also handle the German licensing process.

Radiation protection for devices with laser

Raman spectrometers and LIBS spectrometers use lasers. They, too, must be operated properly. Companies that operate laser equipment need a laser protection officer. The relevant knowledge can be acquired by attending a German-language laser safety course.