Raman spectrometer TruScan RM testing identity of pharmaceutical raw materials.

TruScan RM – Handheld Raman Spectrometer

Qualitative and quantitative analyses for QC, PAT, R&D

Handheld Ramanspectrometer TruScan RM

The TruScan RM is the ideal all-round spectrometer for raw material and at-line process control. It is used by almost all major chemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
Battery-operated, small and lightweight, the handheld Raman spectrometer is suitable for ID checks in seconds, directly in the incoming goods department or in weighing. The results output of the TruScan RM is clear and unambiguous. This makes the instrument easy to operate even for employees without a background in science and reduces the workload of highly qualified laboratory personnel. The analyzer identifies raw materials through transparent and many opaque packages. This eliminates the need for sample drawing and makes the entire raw material control process much more efficient.

TruScan & TruTools – the clever combination for at-line PAT

The optional TruTools chemometrics software turns the TruScan into a handheld PAT analyzer for qualitative and quantitative at-line process control. TruTools gives the handheld instrument capabilities that otherwise only large, complicated benchtop instruments have:

  • Quantitative models with LOQs of < 1% for up to 10 components in a sample.
  • API quantification for end product control.
  • Identification of cell culture media.
  • Qualitative models for differentiation of very similar, previously indistinguishable substances.


  • Battery operated, small and handy – allows mobile use directly in the goods receiving area, weighing, etc. wherever a quick check is required.
  • Non-contact measurement of solids and liquids through transparent and many opaque packages – Saves costly and time-consuming sample drawing.
  • High quality Raman spectra for highest selectivity – allows easy application of new raw material methods and selective separation of thousands of raw materials.
  • Intuitive operation and clear result output – can also be operated by employees without a scientific background – relieves the burden on highly qualified laboratory personnel.
  • Detailed installation and compliance documentation – guarantees fast implementation and safe use in regulated industrial environments (GMP, 21CFRp11, USP, EP)
  • Optional chemometrics package TruTools – enables qualitative PASS/FAIL testing in raw material control as well as quantitative analyses, e.g. of contents.

Areas of application

The robust handheld instrument weighs only 0,9 kg and can

  • be used in receipt of goods, stock or wherever a fast identity check is needed.
  • measure solids and fluids through transparent packaging with no need for contact.
  • differentiate unambiguously between very similar chemical bonds – outstanding selectivity.
  • be used even by low skilled staff, thanks to the very easy handling.
Technical details
Principle of operation  Non-destructive analysis via Raman-spectroscopy
Weight 0.9 kg
Size 208 mm x 107 mm x 43 mm
Laser 785 nm ± 0.5 nm, laser linewidth: 2 cm-1, stability: < 0.1 cm-1 (excitation wavelength)
Laser power 250 mW ± 25 mW
Spectral range 250 cm-1 – 2875 cm-1
Spectral resolution 8 cm-1 – 10.5 cm-1 (FWHM) above measuring range
Collection optics NA = 0.33
18 mm working distance
0.2 to 2.5 mm dot size
Measurement time Application dependent, exposure time: automatic modes (minimum 12 ms)
Display Easy to read colour LCD display
Data entry Barcode reader (2D-code standards)
Security Login: biometrics fingerprint reader
Transport High-strength waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature Temperature range: -20 °C to +40 °C
Batteries Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ~4 hours of operating time
External power supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Case Dust and splash water proof high-strength plastic case
Standard accessories High-strength waterproof carrying case
Replacement battery
2 DC line adapter 100-240 V AC, 50/60Hz
SD memory card
USB card reader
Ethernet adapter
Tube holder
Manual and documentation CD

Laser safety goggles

Safety glasses adapted to the wavelength of the spectrometer for eye-safe handling.
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Vial holder

Adapter for easy measurement of samples in glass vials and liquids in pasteur pipettes.
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Tablet holder

Accessories for safe measurement of tablets. Easy fixation of tablets by quick release.
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Raw materials library

Library with over 4,000 typical pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials and excipients. Enables the secure validation of newly created raw materials against all library entries.

Packaging material adapter

Attachable spacer for measuring packaging material.


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