Niton XL2 plus

Mobile handheld XRF spectrometer - all-rounder with maximum robustness

Mobile XRF analyser for rapid metal analysis and PMI

The mobile Niton XL2 plus is designed for fast, non-destructive elemental analysis directly on site. In addition to the element range Cl - U, the handheld instrument also analyzes the lighter elements Al, Mg, P, S and Si with its SD detector. In seconds, it precisely determines the composition of metal alloys. During the measurement, the metal analyzer quantifies a large number of elements and compares the measured value with an extensive materials database. In this way, it reliably identifies stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and, based on their silicon and magnesium content, aluminum alloys without any significant sample preparation.

The successor to the well-known XL2 air metal analyzer offers added robustness and convenience. The integrated ProGuard detector protection minimizes mechanical damage from pointed samples. The integrated camera assists with positioning and documents the measurement spot at the same time. The spectrometer works according to the proven principle of X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF).

Niton XL2 plus - Highlights

  • Intuitive user guidance with clear user interface.
  • Robust, ergonomically fixed color display.
  • Dual operability with touch screen and fixed keys.
  • Ag tube for ideal excitation of sulfur.
  • SD detector (SDD) with integrated ProGuard detector protection,
    no loss of performance when analyzing light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl).
  • Data encrypted, cannot be subsequently manipulated.
  • Integrated CCD camera documents measurement spot,
    supports together with the target lines on the instrument head the positioning of the analyzer.
  • Continuous measurement: New HotSwap function enables battery replacement without restarting the instrument.
  • Versatile: One analyzer - different applications: Multiple calibrations possible on one analyzer.
  • IP 54 certified (dust and splash-proof).

Quality assurance & PMI with the Niton XL2 plus

Incoming semi-finished products are already checked in the incoming goods department of metal processing companies. Positive material identification (PMI) eliminates mix-ups in order to guarantee the required quality and protect the production facilities. The mobile XRF spectrometer Niton XL2 plus identifies different alloys within a fraction of a second. Its non-destructive measurement method is so advantageous that analyses can also be carried out directly in the production process. Broad alloy spectrum and low detection limits make the Niton XL2 plus a universal analyzer for quality control. In addition, the instrument also allows the coating thickness analysis of metallic coatings. They are often an ideal complement to classical alloy analysis.

Typical alloys

  • Stainless steels: 14301, 1.4305, 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4828
  • Copper base: CuZn39Pb2 etc.
  • Nickel base: Inconel 625, Inconel 708 etc.
  • Aluminum base: AW2024, AW5083, AW6060, AW6082, AW 7075 and many more.

Fast, efficient metal recycling with the Niton XL2 plus

The Niton gun simplifies metal sorting in recycling enormously. Scrap qualities are analyzed in seconds. The particular strength of the XL2 plus is its versatility. Whether stainless steel, brass, HSS or aluminum - sheets, shredder fractions, powders and chips are separated by type effortlessly and quickly. This is how they achieve the best prices. The robust analyzer is used in many recycling companies and foundries. This ensures high acceptance and comparability of the analysis results.

Typical materials in scrap metal recycling

  • Chrome steel, V2/V4, NCT.
  • Copper, brass, bronze alloys.
  • AlMg scrap, Konstruktal, AlMgSi profiles.
  • Inconels and stelites.
  • Zinc and titanium alloys.
  • Gold platings in electrical scrap.
  • Platinum group elements in car catalytic converters.
Technical details
Weights and measures 256 mm x 275 mm x 100 mm; 1,53 kg (with battery)
X-Ray Tube Ag-anode 6 – 45 kV, 1 – 200 µA, 2 Watt max.
Dynamically adjustable current for optimal sensitivity on every analysis
Detector Silicon drift detector SDD
Detector ProGuard protection included
Range of analysis Mg (12) – U (92)
more than 25 elements, varies depending on measuring program
Memory / Data Storage 64 MB internal system memory / 128 MB internal user storage
Stores approximately 10,000 readings with spectra (fewer if images are saved), CCD image optional
Operating system Proprietary Thermo
Power Lithium-ion battery 7.4V, or 12V DC, 3A, 36W power supply
Hot swap functionality keeps analyzer powered during battery replacements
Camera Integrated CCD micro camera for locating and recording measurement positions
Display Fixed angle, color, resistive touchscreen display
IP Rating IP54 (splash and dust proof)
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth, and RS-232 serial communication
Safety Password protection, scalable
Analysers Alloy analysis, precious metals and dental alloys, further analysers upon request
Matrix correction Compton normalisation (CN), fundamental parameters (FP)
Correction for thickness for thin samples (plastic mode)
Display mode Threshold value test (Pass / Fail / Inconclusive)
Traffic light display
Data entry Touchscreen keyboard
User customizable data entry
Optional wireless remote barcode reader

Barcode Scanner (Ecco +)

Barcode scanner transmits barcode information via Bluetooth to the analyzer Different models available e.g. ECCO+
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cobra data collector

Timesaving software solution for creating analyzer reports, data administration and data management.
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Sample chambers

Different models available. e.g. transportable sample chamber.
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Backscatter shield

Protects against stray radiation during mobile readings on light sample matrices, such as aluminum, plastic, wood, etc.
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Sample Cups

3-piece sample cups made of plastic, for testing liquids, ground catalyst, powder and soil samples.
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Protection cover

Durable protective cover made of genuine leather with transparent, UV-resistant film over the display. Only compatible with XL2 models.
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Weld-on adapter

Rugged slip-on adapter for testing thin weld seams and fillet welds.
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Zebra Printer

Bluetooth-enabled, mobile thermal printer can be carried on a belt.
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Factory calibration

Measured value verification using nationally traceable standards with the octopus X1 automatic calibration machine, taking into account the specifications for monitoring measuring equipment for certified companies (e.g. according to DIN ISO 9001). No customer-specific standards necessary. Issue of a "factory calibration certificate" for documentation.

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