Identification of raw materials and detection of unknown chemicals

By means of both vibrational spectra and spectrum libraries with thousands of chemical signatures, even extremely similar substances can be safely differentiated. These measuring methods, up until now only available in labs, are now integrated into high-strength, battery operated handheld instruments. This enables a flexible use wherever an analysis is needed for making a decision.

Fields of application

  • Mobile, on-site measurements – effective and cost saving identity check of raw materials.
  • In receipt of goods, stock or production – enables immediate clearance of product.
  • Measurement through transparent packages, without sampling, e.g. in order to reduce the creation of quarantine storage areas.
  • Identification of dangerous chemicals in explosives, drugs, chemical agents, general hazardous materials (TIC: toxic industrial chemicals, TIM: toxic industrial materials) and chemical raw materials. Here, the measurement can be done through transparent packages, too, in order to minimise the risk of contamination for humans and materials.

Analysis and display of mixtures with a clear result.

All instruments have been developed for on-site fieldwork and are resistant against environmental conditions and mechanical stress.