Tablets in different sizes and colors. Are there counterfeit drugs?

Fast detection of counterfeits

Mobile NIR and Raman spectrometers provide rapid assistance

In most cases, the composition of counterfeit drugs considerably differs from the original formulations: active ingredients, mixing ratio of excipients, coatings, packaging materials can all differ.

This becomes evident in the vibrational spectrum of the particular products. Thus, authenticity checks of products can easily be performed on the basis of their Raman spectra. Reference spectra of the original formulations are stored and the spectrum of the product under examination is compared with it.

Depending on the packaging of the product, this test can often be performed without destruction: Raman spectra can also be absorbed through transparent packaging such as blister foils.

Clever solutions

TruScan RM

Raw material ID checking and at-line process control


TruScan GP

Fast raw material control for the chemical industry


microNIR 1700 ES

Tiny NIR spectrometer for more flexibility


microNIR PAT-W

Control NIR process analyses via WLAN



Handheld for pharma-compliant NIR analysis


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