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Chemometrics software: How Raman spectroscopy can quantify.

TruScanRM & TruTools

If contents in solutions or mixtures are to be quantified, this is done by the following standard workflow: Sampling, transport and preparation, followed by analysis by a chromatographic measurement method. Disadvantages of the procedure: labor and time requirements are considerable; the sample material is lost.

The modern "lab in your hand" simplifies this procedure enormously: take the spectrometer with you, go to the sample, measure non-destructively and read the result of the content or mixture analysis on the display in seconds. This becomes possible if the mobile Raman spectrometer TruScan RM uses chemometrics for data evaluation. After installing the TruTools chemometrics software, every TruScan RM can take advantage of the chemometrics benefits. No additional hardware components are required.

Application examples for TruTools

TruTools significantly expands the application area of the TruScan RM. Complex questions from many areas can be answered immediately and without effort:

  • Process control
  • End product control
  • Contents
  • Advanced raw material control
  • Blend uniformity
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes

At-line process control with mobile chemometrics

With TruTools, the TruScan RM can be used for flexible at-line process control on drawn samples or on the sight glass. Quantitative predictionsabout the monitored process can be made by pushing the button. The analyses are non-invasive and non-destructive. There is no need to transport the samples to the laboratory. For example, the active ingredient content of an API in the end product can be checked at-line and batch release accelerated.

TruTools in biopharmaceutical production processes

The production of biopharmaceuticals often requires complex formulations of starting materials and protein solutions with relatively low concentrations. TruTools supports the user in various processes:

  • Quality control of cell culture media.
  • Monitoring of long-term storage of media and monitoring of changes.
  • On-site concentration determination of buffer solutions.
  • ID of finished medicinal products and bulk goods prior to filling or packaging.

Examples for differentiation of similar substances

With TruTools, the verification algorithm of the TruScan RM can be adapted to selectively differentiate even very similar materials. Examples are:

  • Polysorbates
  • Polyethylene glycols
  • Poloxamers
  • Different colored opadrys
  • Povidone and crospovidone
  • Various stearates
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