Increased safety: On-site identification and detection of explosives

Small, light handheld analysers have special powers, whenever the immediate identification of potential explosives is required. On-site measurements allow immediate decisions, thus reducing risks for humans and the environment.

Handheld Raman-spectrometers of the product series FirstDefender penetrate transparent packages without contact. You also have the possibility to delay measuring, thus protecting task forces.

The FTIR-spectrometers are the perfect choice as the complementary technology for dark and fluorescent substances. The product series TruDefender measures in direct contact and can be used wherever the FirstDefender reaches its physical limits.

If you want to detect traces directly on-site, the automated Colorimeter SEEKERe is the right choice. The traces are collected by a swipe card and analysed directly in the instrument.


Advantages FirstDefender and TruDefender:

  • Fast and precise analysis
  • Extensive substance library with comprehensive security instructions
  • Light and ergonomic
  • Developed for an on-site application
  • Easy handling, low-maintenance
  • Automatic mixture analysis
  • Flexible power supply
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Perfect direct evaluation of the substances found on-site


Advantages FirstDefender:

  • Measurement through transparent containers
  • Non-destructive and contact-free measurement
  • Delay of measurement
  • Applicable as model RMX on manipulator/robot


Advantages TruDefender:

  • Also analyses dark and fluorescent substances


Advantages Seeker:

  • Detects traces as well as larger quantities
  • Automated procedure
  • Definite classification without colour balance
  • No contact with chemicals

Clever solutions

Pendar X10

Identifies hazardous substances from a distance



Huge database: drugs, explosives, hazardous materials



Mobile mass spectrometer: Fast, sensitive, selective



Fast trace detection for explosives & drugs



Detects dangerous liquids in hand luggage


FirstDefender RMX

With probe – quickly detect drugs & hazardous substance


FirstDefender RM

Identify unknown substances in seconds


TruDefender FTX

Detects dark and fluorescent substances



Unknown substances sophisticated mixture analysis


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