XL2 classic

Metal analyser: High performance at a low price

The handheld XRF spectrometer XL2 classic analyzes the elemental composition of metals in seconds, easily and non-destructively. All elements in the measuring range from Cl to U are identified. The integrated database contains the most common alloys and can be individually expanded. The results of the metal analysis can be read immediately on the screen. This makes the analyzer very flexible to use and ideally suited for on-site applications.

Metal analysis with the XL2 classic provides many advantages

  • Fast, non-destructive metal analysis.
  • Ergonomically fixed color display.
  • Ag tube.
  • Short analysis times.
  • Data is encrypted and cannot be manipulated afterwards.
  • Integrated CCD camera documents the test spot.
  • Rugged, waterproof, designed for rough environmental conditions.

Areas of application

This metal analyser is at home when recycling metal and with PMI (positive material identification). The instrument also offers fast and inexpensive safety when it comes to the recycling of catalytic converters.

Typical materials

  • Chrome steels, stainless steels.
  • NCT, chrome-molybdenum steels.
  • Low-alloy steels, tool steels.
  • Nickel-, cobalt-based alloys.
  • Copper, brass, bronze alloys.
  • Titanium and aluminium alloys (without identification regarding Mg, Al, Si).
  • Precious metals (jewellery alloys).
  • Platinum group elements in catalytic converters.

More Information

The XL2 Classic can also be used as an inexpensive alternative with simple RoHS-applications.

Technical details
Weights and measures 256 mm x 275 mm x 100 mm; 1,5 kg (without battery)
X-ray tube Ag-anode 45 kV, 40 µA, 2 Watt max.
Detector High performance SI PIN diode
Range of analysis From Cl (17) to U (92)
  More than 25 elements, varies depending on measuring program
System electronics 533 MHz ARM 11CPU, 300 MHz DSP
80 MHz ASICS (application-specific integrated circuit) DSP for signal processing, MCA 4096 channels
32 MB internal system memory, 128 MB internal random-access memory
Operating system Nucleus OS™ from Mentor Graphics
Battery Lithium-ion battery, for approx. 6 – 8 hours of continuous operation
Display VGA colour touch screen display
Database up to 10.000 measurements incl. spectra, CCD image optional
Data transfer USB, Bluetooth, serial (RS-232)
Safety Password protection, scalable
Analysers Alloy analysis, precious metals and dental alloys, further analysers upon request
Matrix correction Compton normalisation (CN), fundamental parameters (FP)
Correction for thickness for thin samples (plastic mode)
Display mode Threshold value test (Pass / Fail / Inconclusive)
traffic light display
Data entry Emulated keyboard (touch-screen)
Info input list writable by user

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