Integrated process spectrometers provide information from the running process

Flexible process monitoring

Process spectrometer with NIR or RAMAN

The requirements for monitoring are as diverse as manufacturing processes. Using NIR and Raman spectrometers for process control, can help to understand the entire process and design it in a way that ensures it runs safely and efficiently.

At-line process control

The Raman handheld TruScan RM is a clever, mobile solution for at-line process control on drawn samples as well as at inspection glasses. Quantitative PLS analyses can be carried out as well as quantitative PCA tests. Thus, analytical possibilities are available directly in production that were previously limited to the laboratory.

In-line process control

The in-line process spectrometers MicroNIR PAT (NIR) and HyperFlux PRO Plus (Raman) for fixed installation are extremely robust (pressure, temperature, harsh chemistry) and suitable for many different industrial applications. Results within microseconds allow real-time control. Lowest detection limits allow ppm-analysis. Of course ATEX, multiplex and 21CFRp11 compatible versions are available. The integration into customer process control systems is done via modern interfaces, e.g. OPC-UA.

Typical applications


  • Homogeneity (e.g. blend uniformity)
  • Moisture (e.g. fluidized bed drying)
  • Granularity
  • Contents (e.g. API content)
  • Up- and downstream analyses (e.g. cell culture monitoring and antibody purification)


  • Classical reaction monitoring
  • ppm analyses
  • Flow Chemistry
  • Polymorphism / Crystallinity Monitoring
  • Final product control

Food & Agriculture

  • Homogeneity
  • Moisture content
  • Nutrient contents
  • Contents of protein, fat, sugar, etc.

New solutions

TruScan RM

Raw material ID checking and at-line process control


Process Guardian

Raman process spectrometer for in-line process control


microNIR PAT-W

Control NIR process analyses via WLAN


microNIR PAT-L

Integrated NIR process spectrometer


HyperFlux PRO Plus

Raman process control also under ATEX


microNIR PAT-U

Integrated NIR process spectrometer



Raman-Prozess-Spektrometer für Labor und Produktion


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