Rapid on-site identification of chemical warfare agents

Chemical warfare agents are extremely dangerous chemical compounds (solid, liquid or gaseous), which are defined by their effect and their military usability. They are often relatively easy and cheap to produce, as many of the substances used for production can also be used for civilian purposes.

Hazard scenarios involving warfare agents or similar substances are therefore not limited to military operations. They also arise in the chemical industry with its large number of production processes and intermediate products.

Since even the smallest quantities are lethal, task force operations are always time-critical when warfare agents or similar substances are suspected. They require analytical solutions that provide very fast, reliable and selective answers.

New solutions


Mobile mass spectrometer: Fast, sensitive, selective



Detects traces of hazardous, explosive & warfare agents


Pendar X10

Identifies hazardous substances from a distance



Analysis in all three classical states of aggregation


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