Firefighter identifies gases with the XplorIR

XplorIR - Detects Gases

Threats from gases? Spectrometer provides clarification in seconds!

hand-held FTIR spectroscopic analyzer, ftir gas detection to detect mobile unknown gases.

Recognizing toxic and hazardous gases is a high priority for emergency services. Accurately assessing the threat is important both for operational purposes and for the safety of the emergency services. Classically, simple detectors (PID, LEL/UEG, IMS, Mehrgas, CGI, MetOX, E-Chem, test tubes, various pre-tests, etc.) are used. They have high sensitivity, but often insufficient discrimination (selectivity). Therefore, gases are classified at best until now. Also, false alarms often occur in the field because substances were detected incorrectly or not at all.

In order to assess the situation on site as accurately as possible and make fact-based decisions, supplementary equipment is needed to accurately determine (identify) the gases.
The new XplorIR identifies the gas present, either in monitoring or single measurement mode. Additional designated information (CAS, GHS, IDLH, etc.) helps to take fast and unerring measures.

Advantages of XplorIR

  • Identifikation von Gasen im niedrigen ppm Bereich.
  • Identification of gases in the low ppm range.
  • Simple operation.
  • Two measurement modes.
  • Fast start (< 30 seconds).
  • Fast analysis (< 20 seconds).
  • Simple result display.
  • Efficient gas sampling (1 L/min).
  • Advanced, user-independent algorithm.
  • Large library (~5,500 entries)
  • Unique gas analysis cell (2 m measurement travel at 35 mL volume).
  • Background monitoring every 20 minutes.
  • WLAN and Bluetooth capable.
  • Result forwarding with optional app.

Area of application

Hazard prevention in the area of fire brigade, police, customs and military.

Technical details
Measuring principle Fourier-Transfomations-Infrarot
Weight 2.5 kg
Size 148 mm x 305 mm x 143 mm
Operation Three buttons
Gas cell volume 38 ml
Identification duration Less than 20 seconds
Library (included) 5,500 entries (VOCs, TICs, CWDs, solvents, coolants, etc.)
Sampling (pump) Active, 1 l/min
Runtime (battery) 3.5 h, battery recharged in 3 h
Operating temperature 0 °C bis 50 °C
Safety class IP54
Humidity 0 – 95% non condensing
Dynamic Atmospheric
Correction (DAC)
Complementary app Access to results, position, database
Supporting information GHS Symbols, IDLH, LEL, Ionization Energy
Display Color display readable in sunlight, resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Connectivity WiFi (WLAN), BlueTooth, GPS
Manufacturer RedWave Technology, USA


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