Scanning a car tire with the HBi-120 X-ray scanner.


Can even go through 3,1 mm of steel

Mobile X-ray scanner HBI-120

The handheld Backscatter Imager HBI-120 opens up new options for discovering, localization and jugdement of hidden objects. It is ideal in order to discover anomalies and the inspection of conspicuous vehicles and peculiar freights. Without the need to open up suitcases, containers, doors and cupboards concealed items like smuggled goods, money, narcotics, explosives, weapons can easily be found. With the optimized x-ray tube of 120 keV the HBI-120 can even go through 3,1 mm of steel. As a comparison: a car door is about 1 mm thick. The Backscatter imager does only need to be moved at the outside of a container and the user can see in real-time on the high-resolution screen a two-dimensional picture. Anomalies are seen right away. Investigations can be directly introduced.


  • Non-contact scanning.
  • Look through different surfaces.
  • Looks even through up to 3,1 mm thick steel.
  • Small and handy, weighs only 3 kg.
  • Easy to handle.
  • With integrated detector.
  • Discover hidden objects (eg weapons, drug packages).

Areas of application

The HBI-120 is suitable for inspecting pieces of luggage, consignments, barrels, vehicles, etc. to detect contraband, weapons, drugs or explosives.

  • Customs inspections
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Police controls
Technical details
Size 240 mm x 220 mm x 170 mm
Weight 3 kg (including battery)
X-ray generator 120 keV / 5 W, with X-ray optics
Measuring principle Backscatter x-ray imaging
Scan Contactless in real time
Scan speed 15 cm per second for optimal image results
(maximum 30 cm per second)
Display Transflective color touch screen LCD (720 x 1.280 pixels)
Imaging Features Image stitching
Automated and manual histogram extension
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
~ 4 h continuous operation
Data storage > 10.000 images
Data Management Heuresis Data Management Software (HDMS)
Data transfer WiFi- and Bluetooth connectivity
Operating conditions Temperature range: –40 °C to +60 °C
Housing Dust and splash-proof plastic housing
Transport Waterproof, lockable plastic case with wheels
Accessories Replacement Battery, Carrying Strap, Power Adapter Charger (120V - 220V)

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