Mobile FTIR spectrometer TruDefender FTX displays analysis result "Acrolein".

FTIR Spectrometer

Highly selective identification of chemical bonds

The TruDefender series is part of the smallest Fourier transform infrared spectrometers. Thanks to both vibrational spectra and spectrum libraries with thousands of chemical signatures, they safely differentiate even extremely similar substances. The analyses automatically determine whether the spectrum is a mixture and offer clear results. These measuring methods, up until now only available in labs, are now integrated into high-strength, battery operated handheld instruments.

Fields of application

  • Mobile, on-site use
  • Identification of solids and fluids in a matter of seconds – also in mixtures
  • Detection of threats for people, facilities or the environment
  • Identity check of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Detection of dangerous chemicals such as explosives, drugs and chemical agents
  • Detection and identification of volatiles in a sample

How are FTIR spectrometers working?


New solutions

TruDefender FTX

Detects dark and fluorescent substances



Raman-FTIR combined spectrometer


FTIR 4300

Handheld FTIR spectrometer for surface analysis