Scanning a car tire with the HBi-120 X-ray scanner.

Mobile X-ray scanners

Detect contraband & hidden objects

Customs, police, judicial authorities and security service providers want to check suspicious objects quickly and without risk. This includes, for example, pieces of luggage, suspicious vehicles, suspicious consignments of goods or even detention cells.

Small, powerful X-ray systems open up new options for detecting and locating hidden objects and assessing potential threats. Contraband, weapons, drug or explosive packages, etc. can be detected with two distinct technologies that complement each other perfectly.

Handheld X-ray scanners

The handheld X-ray scanners HBI-120 and Nighthawk-HBI use the backscatter imaging technology. This allows objects to be examined quickly and flexibly. The images are displayed directly on the unit in real time.

Mobile X-ray units

The mobile X-ray system ThreatScan uses transmission X-rays and radiographs with variably adjustable energy (60 – 120 keV). To make it particularly easy to use, it works with an extra-large, digital detector panel and a secure WIFI connection.

New solutions


Handheld Backscatter Imager



Discover contraband in containers



Mobiles Röntgensystem durchleuchtet verdächtige Objekte