Portable X-Ray Scanner

Detection of Concealed Objects

Quick and risk-free investigation of closed containers, (luggage, queer vehicles, suspicious shipments, etc.) is essential specifically for EODs from customs, police or military forces.

Small, easy to use x-ray systems open up new options for identifying and locating hidden objects as well as evaluating potential threats. Two different technologies help to detect concealed contraband, narcotics, weapons, IEDs and explosive parcels.

The handheld x-ray backscatter imager HBI-120 scans and detects anomalies quickly and flexibly. In real time it shows the scan directly on the instrument.

The x-ray scanner ThreatScan radiographs with an adjustable energy level (60 – 120 keV). It is available with an extra wide digital detector panel.

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Handheld Backscatter Imager



Discover contraband in containers



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