Mobile PCR analyzer RAZOR Mk II detects threats from bio-pathogens on site.

PCR Analysers

Fast on-site analysis of biological threats

Our PCR-analysers identify bio-pathogens by means of their genetic material.
This conclusive analysis delivers results with a one-of-a-kind sensitivity.
Samples are very easy to prepare and the handling of our PCR-based detection systems is intuitive.
During first contact, precious time can thus be saved and adequate emergency measures can be started immediately – even without the presence of molecular biology specialists.
All reactions take place in the completely loaded sample reaction chamber:
No more complicated pipetting of reagents while running the risk of contamination – just add the sample and go!
The “Realtime PCR” employed or the “nested Multiplex PCR” presents the analysis in real time.
Together with the short warm-up period and the ultrafast PCR-cycles, this reduces other PCR-instruments’ analysis time of many hours to 30 to 60 minutes.

How are PCR working?


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Identify biological threats directly on site



Identify bioterrorism agents