Handheld LIBS Spectrometer

Fast sorting or high-end analysis

Mobile LIBS spectrometers (LIBS = Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) are characterized by flexibility and extremely fast metal analysis. The result can be read after only a few seconds. The analysis devices are suitable for very different applications.

Precise steel analysis including carbon content

The new Apollo handheld spectrometer combines maximum mobility with laboratory-like quality. Lowest detection limits even allow the analysis of carbon content in steels and stainless steels. Ideal for mobile use at large facilities or in incoming goods inspection.

Fast sorting and mix-up check

The KT100-S handheld spectrometer identifies a wide range of alloys. This means that aluminum, stainless steel or even copper-based materials can be separated according to type in next to no time. It is mainly used in metal recycling and for checking for mix-ups in incoming goods.

Both LIBS spectrometers work with a class 3B laser and are not subject to approval. After a short introduction anyone can work with a LIBS.

How are LIBS spectrometers working?


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Niton Apollo

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