Portable FTIR spectrometer to detect unknown gases, solids and liquids.


Detect unknown gases, solids and liquids

Portable FTIR spectrometer to detect unknown solids and liquids. Usable in the laboratory or specifically for site fire departments that normally rely on laboratory professionals.

Unknown substances are an unpredictable risk for emergency forces. Analyzers used in emergency response must therefore have a target-oriented library, high performance and be easy to operate.
The ThreatID meets these requirements. It is a portable FTIR spectrometer that can safely identify over 21,000 substances with its ATR attachment. The user-friendly, intuitive interface supports users of different levels of experience or training. The spectrometer displays alerts and classifies functional groups. Thus, it enables sophisticated mixture analysis and ensures reliable findings on unknown substances in all three classical states of aggregation. Even emergency personnel with more in-depth prior knowledge and a background in natural sciences are thus ideally equipped.

Advantages of ThreatID

  • Measurement of solid, liquid and gaseous samples.
  • Integrated database with chemical background information.
  • Easy positioning of the sample with the help of a camera.
  • Versatile substance database – also for gases.
  • Instructional videos on the instrument.
  • Warnings (water, protein, low signal, etc.)
  • Search algorithms (base, mixtures, functional groups)
  • Large touch display (10 inch)
  • Versatile communication options (Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, GPS)
  • IP67 standard.
  • Optional module for gas measurement.
  • Multiple gas sampling modes applicable, interaction with PID devices possible.

Optional gas analysis for hazard prevention

Portable FTIR spectrometer to detect unknown gases. Usable in the laboratory or specifically for site fire departments that normally rely on laboratory professionals.

Detecting gases down to a concentration of 25 ppm is not only an extremely interesting feature for fire departments. Gas analysis with the ThreatID is also an asset for customs and the military, as it bypasses the limitations of other systems. The ThreatID opens up new possibilities for processing missions more safely and easily. Its database contains more than 5,400 gases. In just 10 seconds, the module for measuring liquids and solids is exchanged for the gas module. For low concentrations, sampling is simply done by Tedlar Bag, for headspace or high concentrations by syringe.

  • Classical multi-gas measuring instruments detect only a small number of gases.
  • Mass spectrometers are complicated to use.
  • Test tubes can only be used to a very limited extent.

Different claims in security

The handheld spectrometers FirstDefender (Raman) and TruDefender (FTIR) are reliable partners for many authorities and organizations with a security mission. Emergency personnel without scientific training can operate them and obtain reliable results. However, these analyzers cannot do everything that designated specialists in the field would want. That's why the ThreatID is a perfect complement. On the one hand, the ThreatID has the capability for gas analysis. In addition, it also has advanced functionalities that provide deeper insights into the substance found directly on site. For example, functional groups can be searched for or a mixture analysis can be selected. Operation is via a state-of-the-art touch display. In addition, the device is equipped with all "state-of-the-art" communication options.
Especially for plant fire departments, which normally have quick access to experts from the laboratory, the ThreatID is an alternative that can also be used in the laboratory.

Technical details
Measuring principle Fourier Transform Infrared Diamond ATR
Sample handling Innovative SureContactTM positioning
Weight 6.8 kg
Size 356 mm x 269.5 mm x 156 mm
Operating system Android
Touch Display 10“ HDMI PCAP with chemically tempered glass
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot or Ethernet
Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
(Stored: -20 °C to +70 °C)
Operating time 4 hours with additional Li-Ion batteries ("hot swappable")
Gas module 4 m gas cell integrated in 16 cm module
Manufacturer RedWave Technology, USA

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